I am easily amused

Yesterday, LeVar and I were making silly Star Trek jokes with each other (you know, like you do), and we ended up talking about how lucky we are to have the job we have, and how lucky we are to be so happy to do it.

“I have found that the key to being happy — well, one of the keys, anyway — is to be easily amused,” I said.

LeVar agreed with me, and then commented on how thin and tanned and healthy and awesome looking I was, and some other things that I didn’t also just make up.

Then we went back to our dressing rooms and I looked at pictures of cute pets on Reddit.

So I mention this thing about being easily amused (my fingers keep trying to type that as “amuzed”, which is stupid because that’s not how you spell it and if you were going to spell it that way it would be “amuZed” and it would be on a neon sign for a club in the 80s that’s just a front for Panda smuggling and Nick Nolte brings the whole thing down the day before he retires from the force.)

Where was I?

Oh. Right. I mention this thing about being easily amused because of an exchange Felicia Day and I had on Twitter shortly after LeVar and I had that conversation:


A fellow Twitterer-er … er told me that that hipstercade.com was available, so I grabbed it, and put it to very good use.

Because I am easily amused. Or, you know, amuZed.


26 thoughts on “I am easily amused”

  1. Nice.

    …And clever. Much less effort to host an awards ceremony when everyone is too cool to actually attend.

  2. hipstercade.com is now the first place I go to each day for advice on tight slim jeans and the hottest new games. Thank you Wil!

    And in other news: Nicely done sir, nicely done.

  3. “And that, children, is how The Great Hipstercade was born. Now GET OFFA MY LAWN!”

    I was into Hipstercade before they got a website and sold out.


  4. Oh yes indeedy! Being easily amused makes life WAY easier. It also confuses the hell out of people…that little half smile I always have…they just don’t understand. I’d also wager that being in a semi amused state has probably lowered my blood pressure a significant amount!

  5. Where is the secret link on that page to the special hidden content? I know its there. It has to be.

    In other news, autocomplete has started brining here instead of wwdn:ie.

    1. Over on bleedingcool.com they have an interview with Shatner (who is in the UK right now) and he casually mentions that he’s starting a documentary on Star Trek The Next Generation. I know that William Shatner is friends with Patrick Stewart but what about the rest of the cast of TNG?

  6. Speaking of amused, I am listening to the Nerdist podcast #109 featuring you, Matt Smith, and Karen Gillan whilst working on a presentation entitled The New Nerd: Redefining a Stereotype for my composition class. Thanks for entertaining me (from the past) so I can finish it. Thanks also for being, for me, the Iconic New Nerd. :-)

  7. I used to be way into hipstercade, but since they got their new web site it feels like they’ve sold out. Way too mainstream, now.

  8. Yeah, I’m that way with movies and tv. Don’t get me wrong, I can, and do, critique with the best (worst?) of them, but left to my own devices, I’ve seldom failed to find at least a modicum of amusement only once or twice in my viewing life.

    It make me an easy date… context is everything.

  9. I don’t know what a Hipstercade is, but I went there and clicked on the green alien skull thingies, but nothing happened.
    I know. I know… probably operator error. I was never good at those arcade games… except Mappy. Somehow, I got good at Mappy.

    (By the way, I still owe you that Guiness when you’re next in South Florida and you bother to let me know.)

    Mr. Lizard

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