10 thoughts on “I love being on set at Big Bang Theory…”

  1. Hi Wil. Years ago I said that you are a stellar example of life giving back to someone who treats people with mutual love and respect. Karma really is in full force and effect for all of us. I have every TNG episode and I love watching you run circles around all the older crew members. They can’t get mad because almost every time, you were right. Somehow, that positive energy you generated at such an early age just continued to build. Or, perhaps this is just the way you are wired. You are the best example of anyone in Hollywood who should be put on a pedestal, as a wonderful role model for the self centered brats who are taking over the world. :-)))

  2. I stopped watching most TV in 2007 except for online. But I’d love to catch this episode. If it’s not going to appear at Hulu etc. I’ll buy a DVD set for the season assuming networks are still producing them.

  3. This may or may not be germane, (either way, I’m happy to have just used the word ‘germane’ in a sentence), but I recall that at the end of last season Brent Spiner tore-open a ‘Wesley Crusher’ action figure, (rendering it no longer ‘mint-in-box), as Noelle and I spotted a ‘Data’ action figure sitting behind glass in an antique shop this past weekend. Her comment to me as she got temporarily excited? “Oh LOOK! Honey!! …oh wait…it’s not Wesley Crusher…” (My wife is so awesome). Needless to say, we can’t wait to see this episode! Glad you’re having fun!

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