in which the audience cheers

We taped Big Bang Theory last night, and between scenes, I realized that I could check in from Stage 25 on G+, so I did because of reasons.

There were numerous requests for pictures, presented in the usual manner. Considering that I still had scenes to film, getting the fuck out wasn’t an option.

So I took a picture that I thought was unlikely to get me in trouble. It looks like this:

Behind the Scenes at The Big Bang Theory
Not bad for a cell phone picture, if I do say so myself.

The taping was a lot of fun. When I walked into my first scene, the audience cheered and applauded so loudly and for so long, it threw me off balance and almost knocked me right out of the scene. I mean, it was like Al Bundy Walks Into The Living Room In 1990 levels of cheering. I wasn’t expecting it at all. When we did the second take, the producers had to ask the audience to tone it down, even. I got to make a big production out of that, pretending to storm off the set and stuff. It was pretty funny.

The audience loved the show, and I’m super proud of the work we did. When the taping was over, I got a sad. But then Kaley told me that I’m like family to them and she hopes I come back for more episodes this season, and I had a happy.


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  1. A friend of mine is a graduate student at UC Santa Cruz, and posted this to her blog this morning: “Last night I dreamed that I went to a taping of The Big Bang Theory, where I met Wil Wheaton, who I asked to re-tweet an announcement about my Jeopardy appearance to his followers, and he said “Sure, my fan base loves seeing hot geeky girls on TV.” Really, this is what my subconscious mind dug up. I. AM. SUCH. A. NERD. But I embrace it.
    (P.S. Nov. 2 at 7pm!)”

    I can’t wait to see this episode!!

  2. I always look forward to the Wil Wheaton episodes of Big Bang Theory. Of course I look forward to all the episodes too. It would be really cool to see a multi-episode arc with you in it. Between Neil Patrick Harris in the Harold and Kumar films and James Van Der Beek in Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23 there is precedent to show how funny it can be to have someone play a fictionalized version of themselves.

  3. I can’t wait to see the episode. When is it supposed to air? TBBT is the only show for which I buy the annual DVD set (well…I bought the entire ST:TNG collection too).

  4. I would have cheered too! :) PLEASE, Wil, I have an ENORMOUSLY important GEEK BB-Fandom question:
    What’s that hanging left of the doorway towards the hallway which leads to Sheldon’s and Leonard’s room?? These white thingys in a row, which can be seen on your picture as well? I’m wondering for some seasons now!
    Thank you for your help! I love you on the show! And I love it even more when you write or goof around on RFB! :) Hope to hear from you soon!

    1. It’s an old fuse board. Bill Prady told me that Leonard collects all the old equipment that’s around their apartment, and that’s part of it.

        1. The circle thing on the wall is, I believe, a poster of the electromagnetic spectrum. I have a colleague who has one in his office.

          I won’t post a link so I don’t hit the spam trigger, but if you do a google search for “electromagnetic spectrum poster”, 4 of the 5 images will be of that particular poster.

  5. Hey, where was the spoiler alert? Now we know that Evil Wil Wheaton doesn’t die in a tragic blimp accident.

  6. I’ve always wanted to know what the set for the stairway looks like. Do they have a tower they walk up, or is it just one set of stairs and they just change the out of order signs? I need to know!!! :)

      1. The elevator doors change, the apartment numbers change, the furnishings change…

        …but if you look at the baseboard trim to the right of the elevator doors, you’ll see the same scuff mark on each of the “floors”.

        Yeah. I found that once. Nerd me, right?

        1. Thank gawd! I thought I was the only one that paid attention to stupid stuff like that. I pointed out that the faux marble was identical on each floor and the brick pattern was the same my wife got pissed at me!

  7. Behind The Scenes shots are my favorite! Love seeing the equipment they use and the crew that works so hard all week on the end result. Bonus for me! :)

  8. This gave me a teary eyes. I’ve always hated that you got crap because some people didn’t like Wesley. For the record, I always like Wesley and was sad when you left ST:TNG. It still irks me when I think you’re being slighted. You deserve all the cheers in the world.

  9. All I can think is, ‘that is an amazing amount of cables on that camera setup’. Self-confessed geek you are, I assume you’re also interested in the underlying tech behind the scenes of making TV and film?
    A couple of years ago, I was an extra in a small production of a short film and as a photographer, I was so fascinated by all the tech that I almost missed one of my cues.

    1. I thought the same thing! All those cables are there, I think, because there are an astonishing number of monitors that have to get live feeds on the stage.

  10. “A fat Andorian woman clip-clops into Ten Forward today, asks to try a light snack. I says, ‘Have a Type 7 shuttlecraft!’ The woman says, ‘How dare you say that to my face!’ I says, ‘I’d say it behind your back, but my Runabout’s only got half an isoton of dilithium!'”

  11. BBT is something I’d never even considered before hearing about how awesome it was from here, and now I have the full boxed set on order, so that’s my free time gone – looking forward to seeing you on it.

    Totally unrelated, it’s really cool sometimes to be ambushed with voice credits when you’ve sat through hours of thinking ‘I know that voice’, as I’m useless at recognising someone not wearing their own face. After sinking crazy hours of time into Fallout: New Vegas, not recognising anyone, I sat (smugly) through the end credits only to have my jaw drop open at the geeks rollcall – Michael Dorn, William Sadler, Rene Auberjonois, Felicia Day etc, until my brain stopped at “Robobrain: Wil Wheaton”.

    There’s a comic in there somewhere, or at least a dodgy fanfiction :)

  12. I love reading this blog because Wil is awesome, and because we are roughly the same age, but mostly because he speaks internet very fluently and keeps me current. I will use this to communicate with my daughter one day.

  13. Wil, I have something to say to you.

    My father was in the hospital today, under the knife. He and I have similar health problems and suffice to say it’s been a bad day. I know you posted recently about depression, and BOY do I know the feeling, but I beat it when I was a teen, and I beat it today. And you helped. You really freaking did man. I was reading through your blog while surgeons were chopping up my father and you know what? It helped me through it. You kept the darkness away (like a patronus!) The things you write and say convey a sense of benevolence and community which I truly cannot comprehend (yet). I don’t know how some kid from 80s science fiction became you, but kudos man. Your creativity and benevolence is truly important to me and a lot of other people.

    Oh, and you just showed up on TV in an episode of the big bang theory. NICE way to celebrate the news that my Dad’s ok.

    Also, i would like you to know that I am writing an epic science fantasy novel, and I suppose it never would have happened without you. I watch Tabletop and other G+S shows like the Guild and you’re always there silently cheering me on. And you don’t need to. But you do, you’re so kind, and so creative; it spreads. Thank you for that (hey, it’s better than syphilis).

    Keep it up my main man

    1. That is just someone’s opinion which is neither correct nor incorrect in MY opinion. It didn’t change my opinion of the BBT at all. I believe that people who want to be offended by something will always find something that offends them.

    2. Hi Mack,
      I just read the link that you posted and here is my two cents. I’ve never thought that TBBT was laughing at the four guys, I always feel it is laughing with them. For me the show is about ‘the geeks will inherit the earth’ ala Steve Jobs, Stephen Hawking, Bill Gates, etc. The four guys are all very successful in their careers (Howard goes to space, doesn’t get much better than that!), have tight friendships and have a lot of fun doing all their ‘geeky’ things such as gaming, collecting, creating gadgets, etc. Maybe I have a different perspective as I am Australian and we don’t seem to have such defined ‘types’ as I see on American tv shows. I am also pretty nerdy myself with my love of sci fi, books, science, etc so maybe I don’t know when I’m being poked fun at! But I really don’t think so, I think the TBBT guys are definitely heroes in the show, they are not being used to make fun of in a nasty way. And never apologise for liking something no matter what anyone else says about it, own who you are! :)

  14. I know you’re probably not the right person to ask, but maybe someone here happens to know. What IS that on the end of the wall next to the hallway? The vertical wood and metal thing with a few blank spaces? My best guess is the switch board for organ foot pedals, but I’ve never gotten a good look at it. Also, where did the painting that shows up in the “Good Wil” ep in Season 5 come from? Do you actually have that in your house?

      1. Thanks David! Somehow I missed that post. I don’t have TV, so I watch BBT on Blu-Ray. I’m partway through the fifth season and haven’t watched the extras yet. I appreciate your pointing that out!

  15. Big bang is major H.O.O.T. for @Wil Wheaton.

    “Highly Optimal Opportunity Topology!’

    Of course out here in Chi-town is my “H.O.O.D.” Highly Optimal Opportunity Development.

    Peace @Wil Wheaton

    P.S. Next time dude with camera iz lamer. Tell him, “We’ll call it good, if you tell my wife she is beautiful.” Juzt compenzation.

    1. They did this time, but in the past they haven’t. I think it depends on how they want to reveal things to the audience in the studio vs. how things are revealed to the audience at home.

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