shirt dot woot is #Tabletop-tastic

For the next seven days, shirt.woot is offering some awesome designs — including mine — as part of their Tabletop-tastic sale:

Roll +1 for fashion! This week we’re

featuring some of our favorite board game- and tabletop RPG-themed designs on hoodies, totes, and tees! Because how else is everyone going to know you’re more civilized than they are?


If you need a new How We Roll T-shirt, always wanted a How We Roll hoodie, or your very own How We Roll tote bag (I’m in for thee, because they are amazing and perfect for carrying my games to gameday), you have about 160 hours to make it happen.

Oh! Oh! Oh! And I just noticed when I was making those links that they’re also offering How We Roll Remixed, which is the same design but on a black shirt. So, you know, now Neil Gaiman can wear one.


9 thoughts on “shirt dot woot is #Tabletop-tastic”

  1. Oh, hey. I’ve had — and loved — my “How We Roll” hoodie so long at this point I had actually sort of forgotten it was a Wil Wheaton Design. So, er, thank you for one of my two favorite hoodies!

  2. I’m so glad you posted this! I scooped a “How We Roll” tee for my husband as well as the “42 U” one.
    Cool nerdy gifts make the best Christmas surprises.

  3. Oooh, thank you for posting this! I needed a new writin’ bag. My current one is a) too small, and b) does not reflect my nerd status. :)

  4. Somebody needs to send these links to wardrobe at Big Bang. That brings up a question, Does Wil bring his own clothes to tapings, or are they supplied by wardrobe? Would be cool to see Wil (or other cast members) in this shirt on the show.

    1. Hello Monster Mona! Thanks for posting that image, it gives me an idea for a table my wife and I are aspiring to make. When was a kid, there was this pizza place that took old doors and made tables out of them by encasing them in about two inches of transparent resin. Through that we could see every feature of the vintage door as we ate our pizza. Now imagine that same treatment with the dice – like 300 of ’em. We have about a zillion ’45 vinyl inserts’ ,( ) which we were going to do the same thing with but I think I’ll be changing my mind….or perhaps make both…

  5. I bought it when it was first available, and I love it. I get comments from geeks almost every time I wear it! There’s a part of me that doesn’t like that it’s being made for more people, but who am I to wish that you don’t get to put more food on your kids’ table? So, congrats, and I hope it sells well for you!

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