so this will NOT turn into Dixietrek ’95


So I got some kind of CON bonus while I was sleeping, and I feel healthy enough to come see you this weekend. I’m not 100%, but I think I’m close to about 85%, which is good enough for me. I’ll just take it easy, stay hydrated, and save my action points for healing surges as necessary over the weekend.

I sincerely appreciate all the kindness from a whole lot of people who were understanding about my health. It’s pretty horrible how many people can’t or won’t see me as a person, and are more like, “SHUT UP AND DANCE FOR ME MONKEY” … hardly seeing that at all yesterday restored some of my faith in humanity.

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  1. Yay hurray ~bounce bounce bounce~

    Just a word of caution, Austin is allergy central around now. I think the ragweed is trying to kill everyone. So just be prepared.

    See you at the Con!

  2. YAY! I already had plans for a long-distance Get Well “card,” but seeing you in person is much better! I’m glad you’re feeling a bit more like Wil, Wil. Way to reverse the polarity of the viral particles, Wil’s immune system!

  3. This hopefully helpful, yet utterly unasked for advice, comes from someone with sometimes fragile health who vends conventions as well as a 9 weekend ren faire. If you already know all this, great – maybe other con goers/folks can benefit.

    Get some immune boosters on board if you haven’t already. Airborne, or just take zinc, C, B complex, and some echinacea. Drink all of the fluids, water, tea, etc. you can get your hands on, but take it easy on the boozahol. Eat plenty of protein this weekend, and when in doubt, eat something. Grazing on calories throughout the day will help with the flagging energy that comes with being, or getting over being, sick. If you still have the congestion ickies when you get home, look up Mullein tea. (I use the Alvita brand.) It has helped save me from sinus infections, bronchitis and pneumonia.

    Take care of yourself, Wil, and have a great weekend in Austin !

    1. Upvoted for “boozahol”, which I will not be consuming (except maybe one beer with my friends) while I’m at the convention.

      1. Glad to hear you’re feeling better enough to make it to Austin! I won’t make it to the con this weekend, but I hope we make you all feel welcome. I do hope you feel well enough to try one of Central Texas’ many fine beers, as opposed to many of Central Texas’ one fine beer.

  4. Awesome! My 8 year old daughter has been dying to meet you (her dad is a fan too). Hope to get an autograph of a Small World character card. She loves Trek and board games and we hope our first con will be memorable.

  5. Wil, seriously, the weather is changing tonight and tomorrow a cold front is passing through Austin. This has the effect of kicking up alot of allergens in the air. If you have any allergy pills or such, hit it hard during the weekend. I hope i see you at the convention!

  6. I’m glad you’re feeling better! But I absolutely hate that there are people who treat you as if you exist only to entertain them. But anyway, have fun this weekend, continue to get better, and — most importantly — enjoy yourself!

  7. Wil, I’ll be flying out of the Austin airport on Sunday. If I happen to see you, I may squeal like a girl and/or come up and fist bump you (with optional fist explosion). Be forewarned….

  8. Sending you best wishes and lots of good thoughts for your weekend in Austin to be the best ever! I know you don’t want to miss an opportunity to be with “family” again. You guys are a hoot when you get together! :)

  9. This totally freaking breaks my heart that I won’t be able to attend. A mere one hour drive away but I work all day Saturday and on Sunday I have to attend a baby shower. Phooey.

  10. Yep, I echo the above comments re feeling better. I live in New Zealand so don’t envisage ever making it to a Con in the USA. However I note that PAX is in Melbourne (Australia) this time next year. Any chance you’re planning on making an appearance there Wil?

  11. I hope you continue to get back on your feet. The people who don’t understand, they aren’t worth anyone’s time. Hope you get to bounce high soon! :)

  12. I’m glad you are feeling better. I have to admit, I really really want to shake your hand at some point, but I know that your immune system is only a few ticks above Bubble Boy (BRIGHT! AND SHIIIIINY!… erm sorry) and having my own health issues puts that solidly in “mutually assurded infection”. So I now have a mission: the most geektastic, yet practical way to protect ourselves. I mean Rube Goldberg level insanity.

  13. Hat tip to the always-interesting io9 for finding this, it’s a hilarious blog commenting on the fashion choices for many characters across seasons of TNG. Check out the post from a week ago on Ep 3.9 – The Vengeance Factor, there’s a Wesley Crusher meme-worthy moment at the end.

  14. Man, if I ever get over my crippling anxiety enough to go to a convention in which you are attending, and somehow manage to stand up long enough to wind through the lines ect, I would totally hand you a card [with image of Copernicus;) ] that says “Shut up and dance for me!” but it totally would be a joke, and would not be serious….ok, well maybe sort of serious…in that I would laugh my ass off if you actually danced, but not serious in that I do not actually expect a sick person (famous or not) to dance for my amusement, unless it was their idea.
    I hope that wasn’t as convoluted as it seems now that I wrote it out.

    Anyway, huge internet hugs and hope your feeling better soon.

    p.s.Frankly, I think the internet is my saving grace…I get to “meet” my fav celebs without having to go out into public. Works for me! :)

  15. Sir, I am writing to say that I need more D&D… and I want Aeofel back! I know, I know, this is really off topic, but I just finished the story line… and I need more! It was really great to see someone put forth the time and commitment for a great character like Aeofel. So when you’ve got the time, please lean on Mike Jerry and Scott to do another storyline.

    Love your work, please don’t stop

  16. Greetings Uberg33k,

    Coming from a a guy who’s on Immune suppression therapy for the kidney my wife gave me ten years back, I will dispense unto you word of a very hip, cool and groovy, (yes, I just said ‘groovy’), natural healing thingy I use for when the nasties kick *me* in the balls “Oregano Oil Gel Caps”. It takes what ails you and kicks it square in *its’* balls. Now seeing as how my immune system is ‘suppressed’, I must confess that it takes me three days to feel like a million bucks again, (and that’s with my taking two of those little gel caps, two advil and a healthy swig of NYQUIL at night). So imagine what it can do for someone with a someone stronger immune system. Also, if you’re interested in lowering the glucose levels, check out the effects of Pure Green Coffee. I only bring it up because you mentioned flabbiness in your vacation pics, (I did about three hours of research on it this morning and it seems legit..

    I hope this bug burns itself out in time for you to be on your game at the con. Also, the wife sends “hugz”.

  17. Wil, when do you expect to be leaving the convention Sunday? We won’t make it Saturday, and I don’t want to show up with Ticket to Ride and Settlers and have you already gone. :)

  18. Glad you’re feeling better and hope you have an awesome time at the con.

    As a doctor I have to say that you are not keeping your blood alcohol level high enough to fight off these beasties. Rx: Make and drink more homebrew.

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