Holy Shit The Walking Dead

Confession time: I hated last season of The Walking Dead. From about 15 minutes into Episode One, I hated it. I hated it so much, I stopped watching it after 3 episodes, because I hated it.

My friend Ed told me that the last 4 episodes were a solid arc, though, and encouraged me to give it a second chance. I trust him, so I did, and it wasn’t all that bad. It wasn’t Game Of Thrones or Bordwalk Empire, but it was good enough to make me want to watch this season.

The first episode was uneven, but I liked the stuff I liked more than I didn’t like the stuff I didn’t like, and there wasn’t anything that I hated like last season.

So I’ve stayed with it, and now that we’re only four episodes into this season, I feel comfortable saying that more has happened already than all of last season, not just in terms of action but in terms of story and character development. This is the show I wanted to see after season one, the show that season two did not come close to delivering.

I’m glad Ed talked me into watching it again, because I’m just loving what I’ve seen so far this season.

And tonight’s episode? Holy Fuck.

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  1. I got excited when T-Bone had that thing happen to him that happened (no Spoilers here). “They’re going to find out he’s built up a zombie-antibody!” I said to my wife. Then that other thing happened to T-Bone. “Nevermind.” I got depressed. Then something else happened near the end. I got more depressed. I love this show.

  2. My god, I just watched it as one of my first episodes coming into the show. I had seen a couple before but remained unmotivated to start watching, after tonight though, I couldn’t agree more. Just… man.

  3. I agree. I stuck it out last season, but it was painful. Some friends have just started watching the series and I told them that season 2 is relatively hard to get through, but to stick with it. As for this season, again I agree. And last night’s episode, brought tears

  4. Thank God last night’s episode was as good as it was. I watched most of last week’s ep in fast forward because I’m already bored to tears with the Governor and Andrea and his little bit of Mayberry.

    T-Dog deserved better though.

  5. Holy Fuck sums it up precisely! I too, gave up last season, but I’m glad I came back. Is it lame that I’m really looking forward to Merle reuniting with Darrell?

  6. So I’ve read all of GRRM’s Game of Thrones series to date (and RE-read them waiting for ‘A Dance with Dragons’. And knowing how /slow/ he writes I’ll probably be able to RE-read them all *again* before the Winds of Winter comes out). The one thing I’ve learned along the way is “Everybody. Dies.”

    That’s one of the things I love about Walking Dead. It takes all the preconceived notions and historical ‘habits’ of the genre of horror writing and throws them out the window. Nobody is safe in this world, and that’s what keeps the series interesting. I just *knew* whats-its-name was gonna make it all the way through the story…

    …right up until whats-its-name got taken out.

    You may *think* you know about what’s gonna happen – right up until you realize you don’t.

    Love it.

  7. I got so bored last season. I tried watching again this season and I just couldn’t bring myself to pay attention.

    I suppose that is how surviving a zombie apocalypse would be: Lots of boredom interspersed with moments of sheer terror.

    I’m enjoying Revolution despite everyone’s super clean and stylish hair and clothing.

  8. Agreed, it’s no GoThrones or Boardwalk Empire but this season kicks the hell out of the last. I was bored out of my mind for the first half of last season. Really only the finale salvaged the season.

    As an aside, looking fwd to meeting you at Megacon next year. Was hoping to see you in the N-O with the next gen cast but it’s all good.

  9. This is one of those recent things that I do-not-get-at-all. All the people hating on season two of the Walking Dead . I’d be curious to here why you hated it so much Wil because as far as I can tell the hatin just makes no sense.

    In my viewing of it season two does the job and does it admirably. Our not so merry band find a place to hunker down and as the kids like to say ‘shit gets real’. I actually held off watching the season (perhaps influenced by all the bitching) and just recently watched the entire run in about a week (mainly because I’m not a masochist…and not for the reasons the haters would assume). It was just that I couldn’t handle the tension as each episode played out.

    As far as I can tell most of the moaning and groaning (not coming from the Walkers) appeared to center on the fact that the show was not being frikkin ‘Left For Dead 2′. Newsflash…that’s not ever what it was. Season 2 is one hell of a slow burn. It does a great job of twisting up your guts as these folks grapple with the fact that their world really is screwed. They have the kinds of interpersonal shenanigans you’d expect in their circumstances and the moral and ethical choices they make are very, painfully real. I quite particularly liked the fact that you get more and more of a read on who the characters are but have to accept the fact that their over-arching circumstances get them to make stupid decisions or act inappropriately.

    I’m especially surprised to hear that you bailed out at the end of episode three which ended in such a harrowing fashion. If Shane’s freak out isn’t the kind of thing to compel a bit more viewing I don’t know what the hell someone wants in a Zombie Apocalypse.

    If you have a couple of minutes at your disposal do tell as I simply can’t understand it.

    1. Also…I have no idea why my fingers typed ‘here’ when obviously my brain was telling them ‘hear’. Stupid typo disease.

  10. Loved last nights episode (I wrote about it if anyone is interested, hope that is okay to post on here). We gave up after 3 episodes as well, but then I was missing it, and I kept hearing things about it that I wanted to see, so I insisted we give it another try. We missed two episodes (4 & 5), one of which I really ended up liking (Chubacabra) and if I had seen that one probably wouldn’t have stopped watching. I thought season 2 wrapped up pretty well.

    This season has been so great. I actually got choked up last night!

  11. I loved the episode but the big thrill for a life long Steelers fan like myself was in seeing Hines Ward as a zombie in the prison. Very cool.

  12. I thought I was alone in hating last season. I have been wary this season so far, the Governor’s safe haven? Pfeh. I can’t stand them, but then again I haven’t been able to stand Andrea since day one. Once we got back to “our group” this past episode I thought it was fantastic, so much seemed to happen all at once, as it the show was making up for all of the ‘nothing-is-going-on’ness..

  13. I agree. The previous season was a total disappointment as opposed to the first season. I think the only episode I particularly liked in the second season was when they found out that the little girl they were looking for became a walker. I’m liking the third season so far. The first episode was great, the second was okay, didn’t like the third episode much but with how the fourth came out, I’m not complaining at all. :p

  14. I enjoyed it, but to kill T-Dog. I’m not happy in Comic T-Dog was such a dominate Character, it such a shame they didn’t build him further. As for the wife well she was annoying, so will leave it as; its about time…. I just hope they develop the Governor a little better in the Comic he was just evil. Lets see if it progress’s further…..

  15. I rather liked the second season. But then maybe I like things a little slower paced once in a while. The mid-season finale was awesome, and shocking.

    But I agree with you that season three is better. I am loving it. I even went out and got the two compendiums and the latest comics to catch up (up to 104 now). What I love about the comic is that it doesn’t spoil the show at all. The show gets its inspiration from the comic, but then goes in different and unexpected directions.

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