UPDATED: If you were worried about the safety of that soon-to-be-priceless trading card

Have no fear. I have my best man guarding it.

Professor Frink, Professor Frink, he makes you laugh, he makes you think. He guards your tra-hay-HAY-ding card with the guarding and the keeping watch and the flaven.

UPDATED November 29:

The card has just cracked $1000 on eBay, so I added a little extra security.

¡Ay El Tarjeta Es Securidad!


41 thoughts on “UPDATED: If you were worried about the safety of that soon-to-be-priceless trading card”

  1. very nice- and might i suggest building a tardis (cause you really can build it to make it so its bigger on the inside) or something simpson related on minecraft in creative mode as a homage? just an idea :)

  2. I have been inspired to redecorate my desk. Is that a magazine yet? Better Desks and Office Space? It should be. Are you available for the first issue’s cover?

  3. I love the ancient tech you’ve uncovered and shared. Remember that TNG episode when the crew got a retro-virus and de-evolved into primitive creatures? Worf became a Klingon Grizzly Bear and Troy was an amphibian. I thought it was a shame that Data couldn’t contract the virus because he could have wound up with a promotion: a Commodore outranks a Lt. Commander.

  4. I find it telling that like 2/3 of the comments are “ZOMG STAINED GLASS TARDIS WHERE DO I GET ONE?!”

    Clearly, you are a man of distinction, whose tastes set the standard and inspire envy in all others!

  5. I’m surprised you don’t have your top men guarding it. But then again, you’ve already made that reference this week, so I suppose I shouldn’t be too surprised.

      1. You’re probably technically correct as it *is* an acronym and all, but I’m fairly certain the BBC’s official way of writing the term is TARDIS. All caps, no periods.

        o/` Pedant pedant, pedant, pedant pedant pedant pedant pedaaaaaant… o/` (sung self-mockingly to the Pink Panther theme)

  6. Thank you for showing me the future birth-mas gift for my husband(his birthday is Dec 19th). While your trading card is priceless, I think I’ll spring for the stained glass tardis lamp, that I had no idea existed until you showed me the… light? (har har har)

  7. Thoroughly jealous of the TARDIS Stained Glass lamp. All you would have to do is name-drop who made it…and a lot of us Whovians would gladly pay good money to an artist for that kind of item. Assuming an artist made it, that is….

    Now going into the dangerous rabbit hole otherwise known as Etsy…

  8. You know, I have this exact card, autographed at the Vegas convention like 4 years ago, and I bet if *I* tried to auction it, I’d get $15. lol

  9. Professor Frink, Mr Plow and Bumble Bee Man. Not what I would call the best of security.

    “He’s getting away with the card, with the stealing and the running HOYVIN-GLAVIN!”
    “No es bueno”

    I would have put double barrel pump shotgun Moe on the job. He would shot people for just looking at the card.

  10. Over a thousand now! I would be totally amazed… but then I realized you can sell a dented ping pong ball for 1100… Have you ever considered a job in sales? 😉

  11. I just want to say that you are a true hero for what you are doing for the PHS!!

    I was born and raised in Pasadena and have adopted all my pups from there. Thank you Wil!!

    Oh and yes, im dying of envy over the TARDIS as well.

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