7 thoughts on “in which a rage comic is created”

  1. Rage comics were fun for a while, I suppose. My reddit signal-to-noise ratio dramatically improved after I unsubscribed from /r/fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu, /r/politics and /r/atheism. Ahhh.. nothing but cat pictures. That’s better.

  2. Amen. So much amen. I’ve been stuck in a no-creativity wasteland lately, but I *think* I’m starting to climb out of that valley. Here’s hoping!

    1. Hey there! I recognize you from austin comicon! I’m your photobomber from wil’s tweet! I remember you mentioning that you were in a creative lull, so here’s to hoping you are on the way out of it! What kind of creative stuff do you do?

  3. Oh don’t worry, the ideas will come. . . usually in the middle of the night when you REALLY want to be sleeping. Then you try to fight it for a while, telling yourself you’ll remember the idea in the morning. Of course, your writer’s brain, having come across an idea, will not let it die that easily. Rather, you work the idea in your head for a while, polishing your idea nugget. Finally, recognizing that sleep is not going to happen, you drag your sorry self out of bed and to your notebook and/or computer to write the thing. Keep a notebook and pen on your nightstand. It lessons the pain :o)

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