15 thoughts on ““From Aunt Clara””

  1. There is nothing better than footie PJs. I have 3 pair of them!! Just don’t try to sleep in them unless she got them long. They bind your feetsies. Had I known I never would have made my kids sleep in them when they were little. 😀

  2. Love the walrus tree topper. I remember watching the episode where Chris gave it back to you…the WTF moment when you realized what it was made me laugh SO hard. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  3. A BEER onesie..? O.O

    Anne..? When he’s not looking, can you post the link for that PLZ? I have to get one for like four people… And a whiskey one for myself. ;D

  4. Fan-freakin’ tastic! I just received a pair of Grinch footie pajamas myself. Of course, I had to mimic the film moment while trying them on at the in-laws house. “Oooh . . . Ahhh, That’s it, I’m not going!”

  5. Those. Are. Amazing. I mean, adult-size footie pajamas are one thing, but with beer mugs on them!


    Way to go, Anne!

  6. Hubby bought me footy pajamas with snowflakes all over them. I looked at the tag, and cried. They were mediums. But then I grinned and kissed him soundly, and said, “You still think of me as a Medium!” They fit. My 11 year old told me I looked ‘cute’. AWESOME Christmas gift! To quote you (sort of), my Hubby just gets me. Good wishes to you and yours, and thanks for all you do.

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