From the Vault: things every person should have

This is one of those things that I forgot I wrote, and when I was reminded I wrote it, didn’t believe that I actually came up with something that I think is kind of cool.

Things every person should have:

  • A nemesis.
  • An evil twin.
  • A secret headquarters.
  • An escape hatch.
  • A partner in crime.
  • A secret identity.

What else?

(h/t Fuck Yeah Wil Wheaton)

60 thoughts on “From the Vault: things every person should have”

    1. “I’m Gonna Get You, Sucka!”

      Of course, hanging with Richard Roundtree is more than enough proof that you are truly a badass.

  1. A bust of Shakespeare with a hidden button inside it which is revealed when you flip back the head. When you press the button, a secret door opens and inside: Fireman’s poles to your secret lair.

    Thanks, Adam West!

  2. Why do I feel the need to quote Sherlock? (People don’t have archenemies in real life…)

    Because seriously, that’s crap, John Watson.

    I agree with this list completely, as well as the additions from others here.

    I’m going to add a huge leather chair. You know, for the narrative.

  3. a Plan B (and plans B+n, preferrably)

    and if you’re german:

    ein Eisen im Feuer
    ein Ass in Ärmel
    einen Funken Ehre
    ein Stückchen Glück
    einen Finger in der Wunde
    einen Stein im Brett
    mehr Glück als Verstand
    einen wunden Punkt
    einen Fels in der Brandung
    ein Eisen im Feuer
    ein Herz auf der Zunge

  4. – Swiss Army Knife
    – Duct Tape
    – 6-Pack of Coca-Cola
    – Cash
    – Bat’leth
    – Dark Chocolate
    – Hollywood Ammo (Eliminates Empty Clips)
    – Lassie (For those awkward occasions when you fall down a well, and somebody has to tell Timmy)

  5. – a cat
    – a “i’m savin’ up to clone my cat”-savings box
    – star trek tng, fawlty towers, black books, high fidelity and apollo 13 on dvd
    -‘ the little book of calm’
    – a ‘don’t panic’-towel
    – a(t least one) friend
    – a family
    – good music
    – books
    – coffee
    – someone to love
    – a home
    – a future
    – a think geek plush microbe
    – the b-movie survival guide
    – mountains and/or the sea
    – a dad and mom who are baking x-mas cookies and sending them to me 😉 (thanks!)
    – very important: a “smultronställe” (Swedish term for “a favorite place”, “a place you want to come back to”, “a place where you feel good and can relax”)
    – chocolate
    – professional experience as a projectionist – for we don’t die, we just change over… ha!
    – tolerance and patience to endure bad jokes
    – people who play “ticket to ride” with you
    …and sometimes a guinness, or an occasional laphroaig…
    – duck tape.

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