in which i am the luckiest man in the ‘verse

"This shot is just for you guys," Pixie said, "so do whatever you want." So we kissed each other, of course.
Photo by Pixie, clothing by Clockwork Couture.

Seventeen years ago tonight, I met the girl of my dreams. A few years later, I tricked her into marrying me.

Happy New Year. I hope you get to spend it with someone you love.

30 thoughts on “in which i am the luckiest man in the ‘verse”

  1. Gorgeous. Every picture of you she looks so elegant and happy (even in the goofy ones) and you look like a kid who’s just won the candy lottery. It’s obvious you two really love each other and that makes me so happy. It’s nice to see celebrity marriages where the couple really truly love being together. Happy New Year and Happy Anniversary!

  2. Congrats on the anniversaries (meeting, marriage). You both look so happy together. The things you two share online about one another are clear indications of the depth of feeling between you. Congrats again – and happy New Year’s!!!

  3. This makes me hopeful and smiley. I hope that when I grow up I can find a relationship as amazing as the one you two share :) Happy Meetiversary!

  4. My husband and I met once in passing in the fall, but we really met on New Year’s Eve 1998. Happy anniversary to you and Anne and us, too! Love the pic and congrats on finding your Imzadi. :)

  5. I bet we’d all love to hear the story of your meeting, courtship and subsequent betrothal.
    Written in that style that is so uniquely your own.

  6. I love all these pics, so awesome. Happy New Year! I had a fabulous time in Canada with a whole herd of amazing friends – and very, very little internet. THANKS OBAMA.

  7. I regret to inform you that you are the second luckiest man in the universe 😛
    Well, unless it is in the relationship category for which I can’t apply :-)
    Still, I have the best two kids in the multiverse so I call dibs on the number 1 spot in the overall category.

    That being said: congrats, good Sir.

  8. I just held the laptop up as I lay on my back on my couch to show my wife this image as she sat on her loveseat whilst playing her game on her Android-of-not-being-an-iPhone…

    === Lewis: “Read the caption first…” Showing her the image
    === Noelle: (after a pause) “Aawwww…so cute!”

    I think that you two will be the same kind of couple that we plan to be when we get old and gray….slowly walking down the street holding hands; each bundled up and content with each other.

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