37 thoughts on “The Wheatons Have The Phone Box”

  1. Wil man, that is a GOOD look on you. Seriously, you’re hella pulling that off. Anne is too, for that matter. You should do the hat and vest thing more often. Happy crimbo, give the critters some hugs. Especially Marlowe.

  2. Nice look, the both of you. I’ve always been curious, is the enjoyment of period dress as universal among actors as it appears? It seems every interview I’ve seen or read, of every actor that’s done it, has them almost gushing at wearing period dress.

    Anyway, did you catch the latest Doctor Who Christmas special?

  3. i see the beginnings of an internet to have wil wheaton cast as the 12th doctor.

    or anne wheaton.

    either are acceptable.
    but wil does have previous experience being a time lord…

  4. You’re both looking quite spiffy there Wil! ๐Ÿ˜€ Although I was surprised to notice you didn’t use this as a possible excuse to wear an ascot… But regardless, you both still look FANTASTIC! And wow, that is a wonderful TARDIS you have there :)

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