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Last week, I had a meeting at Geek and Sundry to discuss several geek and sundry things, some of them related to my show Tabletop. We all thought it would be fun and awesome to do a live Google Hangout Q&A thingy for all the people who love the show and are sadface that there won’t be new episodes until January. We were pretty excited to have a whole hell of a lot of fun tonight.

In light of Friday’s mass murder in Connecticut, though, it just felt wrong to me, and I thought we should postpone it for a week or more. I discussed it with some of my cow orkers at G&S, and we decided that we’d do whatever I decided. Unable to make a decision I felt good about on my own, I went for a walk with Anne, and asked her opinion and advice.

“Gaming is a family activity, and people watch Tabletop with their kids,” she said, echoing something Tabz at G&S had said to me earlier in the day, “it seems like giving anyone who wants a break from the sadness and horror we’re all feeling an hour to talk and think about things we love and the people we love is a good thing.”

I’ve said before that Anne is the brains in our relationship. She’s also the heart and soul.

After 9/11, we canceled our shows at ACME because none of us felt like we could be funny. I’m feeling similar emotions now… but I don’t have to be funny or perform. I just have to not suck, and I can do that. I can still provide an hour for us to talk about games, about the production of the show, and maybe share some stories about how gaming is important to my family.

So that’s what I’m going to do. For an hour tonight, from 6pm Pacific time, I’ll be taking your questions about Tabletop and gaming. @GeekAndSundry will have all the details you need to know so you can watch and submit your questions.

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  1. I completely agree with your brilliant wife. This is a great time to come together and celebrate things that bring us happiness. We have the ability to feel more than one emotion at a time. The sadness for recent events are still with us, but it is not healthy to focus on that emotion exclusively.

  2. I felt that way about putting up my Christmas tree. It just feels wrong. But letting the darkness win feels even worse. FWIW, I think you made the right call. (Or Anne did.)

  3. There are many that think we should be constantly transfixed on this tragedy and think of nothing else, but, we must heal. People heal differently. During 9/11, there was no escapism for those who were overwhelmed by what they couldn’t help but watch. I hope that you (and thus, others) don’t feel guilty for wanting to heal. We are not forgetting what happened, just not allowing it to suffocate us. I am looking forward to the hangout! :)

  4. Lots of thanks and respect to you and your wife, Wil. If my wife and I had kids, Tabletop would definitely be a family event for all of us. Please keep being you. -lonlon

  5. Thank you, Wil. For what it’s worth, I think it’s the right decision.

    I look forward to pestering you later tonight, as is tradition.

  6. I have been heartbroken since Friday. I’m also currently on the teetering edge of buying a house – the second house I’ve ever lived in – and the first one I ever lived in I’ve now owned for 12 years. I was already full of emotions, and then adding more emotions about leaving “my” first home and the panic of whether or not it’s the right move and if we can afford it and and and and and.
    I can’t take much more. I am not sleeping.
    Oh, Back to the Future is on? Hugs from my joybomb family? That helps.

  7. God Bless Anne! While I agree it is a sad time and can understand folks not feeling at their best, this is exactly what is needed. A reminder that there are things we can do to draw our friends and family together in a relaxed, fun activity. Tabletop gaming as a family is a great time to learn respect and accountability. Values that are key to society not breaking down.

  8. I haven’t joined the Tabletop viewer base yet but I’m glad that as someone in the media, you’re keeping things rolling. A little bit of normalcy is good. You said, “… but I don’t have to be funny or perform.” You’re right…all you have to be is just Wil.

  9. So, if Anne is the brains, heart, and soul of the relationship… does that mean she married you for your body? But I’ve seen that picture of you guys on the beach, and though you were looking pretty darn good… Anne has you beat there too. What a lucky man you are, Wil! The more I hear about Anne, the more I fall in love with her.

    I couldn’t watch it live, but I am definitely looking forward to watching it later today! You’re a good man, and you and Anne make a great team.

  10. Enjoyed it man! You handled it with dignity and class. Best of all, your excitement about tabletop gaming came through and totally made it worth the watch. BTW, I completely agree with your opinion on Car Wars. In fact, I would love to see re-issues of the entire Microgames series.

  11. I just want to hug you and the word cow orkers. Thanks for that, Wil. I just got off shift after a very, very, very long night, and I needed some cow orkers this morning.

  12. Wow, Anne is a great influence on you. You should totally marry her or something.

    I watched the whole thing on Youtube, and I’m glad you took the moment to acknowledge how we were all feeling, and then used that to make us feel better.

    As for games, there were so many awesome games that you talked about. If you are up for trying a new game (either for Tabletop or for your friends), look up “Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards: Duels on Mount Skullfyre”. When you have a person playing a princess casting something called “Old Scratch’s Ballsy Testi-kill”, nothing can beat the feeling.

  13. Thank you for doing this. I understand the difficulty you had as to whether to go ahead or not, but I think you and Anne made the right choice.

    On a different note. It was great hearing you talk about Car Wars, also one of my favourite games from my adolescence. How excited are you that SJG are going to be reissuing Car Wars after the success of the Ogre Kickstarter.

    I’m looking forward to my massive Ogre box to be delivered some time next year.

  14. It may be sad to say, but life goes on. We need to make serious changes in North America where gun laws are concerned, but we should never deny ourselves the pleasure we derive from the little things like comics and gaming.

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