raising my nephew right

This is me and my nephew, Shane. I am explaining Batman’s relationship to the Joker, like you do with a four month-old.

Explaining Batman to Shane
“You see, they need each other, because they’re two sides of the same coin…”

Last year, when my sister told me Shane would be joining Team Humans sometime in July, I went a little nuts at ThinkGeek and bought him some baby clothes. I said, “My brother in law is awesome, even though he’s Dallas Cowboys SuperFan Number One Top Guy Forever™. I know that my nephew (who I suggested should be named Batman, but will probably end up with a muggle name that’s more socially appropriate) will get plenty of sportsball in his life, so it has fallen to me, his favorite uncle Wil, to share with him The Way of the Geek.”

I’m not going to lie, Marge, I’m pretty proud of the Level One Human (Multi-Class: Geek and Undefined) things I got him … but none of them are nearly as awesome and amazing as the sweater I got him for Christmas:


Last week, when my sister sent me the following picture with the note: We are explaining our family history to Shane, and he’s inspired by his uncle…

Shane takes after his Uncle Wil.
Shane takes after his Uncle Wil.

…I knew I was doing my job as Uncle-Who-Teaches-Shane-The-Way-Of-The-Geek.

Before we know it, he’ll be ready for Baby’s First Nanites!

22 thoughts on “raising my nephew right”

  1. It’s all fun and games until a strange man asks to take him see “other planes of existence”. THEN you see the uncomfortable side of uncledom.

  2. Awesome sweater. Awesome.
    That relationship-between-Batman-and Joker theory will also work great when it’s time to describe Kirk and Khan.
    As a nerd who also loves sports (Go Saints!), I can reassure you that it is indeed possible for the two passions to coexist in a single life-form. Someday the NFL will come out with team-specific pocket protectors…

    1. Dude. I saw a guy at Dragon*Con a few years ago in full Mandalorian armor with Saints colors and insignia. He was busy and I wasn’t close enough to him to get a good pic, but it was greatness.

      1. Ahahaha.. I have a photo of a guy I saw in the French Quarter last year, wearing a Saints’ colored Optimus Prime costume. Best. Idea. Evar.

  3. Love the sweater. And much sleeker than that giant orange one they had you in for a while. Poor Wesley. That sweater’s not a uniform. Why doesn’t he ever get to change clothes?

  4. Omigosh, how melty does this make a person?! The wee one has an uncle to be proud of. Best wishes to you and yours for 2013.

  5. Dammit I want one of those sweaters :)

    By the way….10 character password including upper case, lower case, numbers AND punctuation?? I’m definitely clicking “Remember Me”!!

      1. Indeed. I had to do that, too, but never thought to mention it. That would rock. My “remember me” failed on me some time ago, and there was no way I could remember that mess again, so I made a new one that I think I’ll remember, but yeah…that would rock.

  6. Whilst i’m no huge fan of star trek.. my reasoning for thinking this is so awesome, is that i grew up on Next Generation thanks to my trekkie dad lol. He would drag me to comic conventions, comic book movies, Star Trek movies… and had me watching Big Bang Theory.. well ok so did mom on that one :). I should start nerdifying my nephew back in the USA – his mom doesnt know the way of the geek enough!

  7. Total love on the sweater. He’d be the only one who could get away with wearing it – regardless of its size :) Great start in assisting our next little generation get their awesome on. This past Halloween, after getting home, my one-and-only-3.5 y.o. nephew burst through the door – still in full Darth Vader costume, readjusted his lightsaber to sit on the floor, turned on “Spiderman & Friends” and proceeded to eat his candy. I think we’ve been able to have some small influence so far.

    P.S. Thanks for making the registration lest restrictive! I thought I was going to have to sell a kidney to get a password.

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