Snowfall in Ahwahnee Meadow

Anne and I spent four days hiding from the world in Yosemite, and just got back into our house a few minutes ago.

I’ve been holding onto this picture since I took it, because I didn’t want to reveal our location for reasons.

It was snowing like crazy, and I was struck by the contrast of the meadow, slumbering beneath the snow, with the tall evergreen tree defying winter's chill right next to a tree that has succumbed to weather, or fire, or something.

I took this with my GNEX, and I’m so happy with how it turned out, I wish I’d brought my SLR.

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  1. My folks live very close to Yosemite and go there a lot. These photos make me miss Yosemite–and California–even though I’m living in sunny Florida. Hope you both are having a great time.

  2. Wow. That is breathtaking. I’m sorry that you have to have reasons to keep things like that on the DL. But, after what happened on your last vacation to the beach, I understand why :(

    Yay pretty snow!

  3. My family and I go to Yosemite every summer. Consequently, I have basically an entire computer dedicated to Yosemite photographs. I love them. And I love Yosemite. But now I have an unquenchable urge to change our annual trip to winter. Beautiful. And I’m so glad you and lovely Anne got to vacation in peace, and in one of the most beautiful places this world has to offer.

    Did you go to Sequoya or King’s Canyon? I don’t know if any of the passes were even open…

    1. We didn’t have time, so we stayed in the valley. Badger was the only pass open, and it was chains only. I have them, but didn’t want to push my Mini up there unless I had to, and I didn’t have to.

  4. Very beautiful scene and wonderfully framed photo of your vacation. Enjoy and keep what you need to keep private, the vast majority of us understand the needs of privacy and the ones who don’t well…that’s why you keep it private.
    I don’t vacation cause of reasons, but I enjoy all the photos others take on theirs…its like the joy of going, without the stress and anxiety of packing, paying, and traveling. 😀 Thanks for sharing.

  5. Beautiful pic. Reminds me how much I miss snow! Then I remember how Yosemite is in the same friggin’ state!! Then I feel bad because I’m not enjoying the beauty of my own state… :)

  6. That is an awesome picture, I love the skeletal tree in the foreground, and the peaceful feeling I get from the scene. We haven’t had any snow in Ireland so far this winter, but I’m still hopeful 😀

  7. What everyone else already said. And I like it just the way it is. Here comes my stream of consciousness. It has that ethereal quality. Spontaneous moment discovery. If this were the late 60s, early 70s it would be a poster in Spencer Gifts. And I would in a heartbeat buy a box of it if it were cards or stationery. I still handwrite letters and notes; this would be perfect for winter and warm thoughts to friends.

  8. Oh, this is SO beautiful! Happy new year to you guys! And I’m happy to learn I’m not the only one enjoying these “Damn, this is a lovely picture, but my Exilim didn’t do the job properly, so why did I not bring my SLR?”-moments (the obvious answer always being, “I was too lazy to carry the heavy bag with the camera and lenses while enjoying a lovely winter promenade”), although I really think this one turned out fantastic the way it is! Maybe something for NG’s Traveler Photo Contest?

  9. That’s beautiful. It looks so quiet. I’m jealous! Also, I can’t say enough about my mirrorless Nikon for the “I want good photos but don’t want to lug my SLR with me” moments.

  10. Reminds me of the winters we used to have in Northeast Bavaria where I grew up. In the recent decades there has been no or only very little snow. This year it was all gone by Xmas. My parents have the proof for global warming right on their doorstep.

  11. Awesome photo!

    But clearly you just took a still from Christmas Vacation before Clark chops that massive tree down, and Photoshopped the family out.


  12. Aww, how are your fans supposed to surprise you on your vacations if we don’t know where you are till after? He he. Glad you found some snow. It’s been scarce around here.

    Question: If someone wanted to give you a gift, how would they get it to you?

  13. It really is a beautiful photo, fancy camera or not. I’m glad you guys had so much fun on your trip. The only national park I have been to, was Acadia (in Maine) and it is absolutely gorgeous there. If you and Anne head there, be sure to go in July, while it’s hot, it’s also blueberry season, and they grow wild there!

  14. That photo is stunning. I like how you were able to capture the falling snow and the utter solitude of the locale. I can really picture myself standing there and hearing the sounds you probably heard. Well done!

  15. Loved the pic. It does give such a chilling reaction. You probably don’t remember me, Wil, but we used to blog together, well, at least in the same blogging hemisphere. In those days you were the only celebrity to have a blog, I believe, and I, and all my other blogging friends, were happily amazed to find you could really write! I wrote the blog “Time for Your Meds.” Anyway, just wanted to remark about the photo, and also to say I LOVE your work in Big Bang Theory.

  16. I have more than a good handful of friends and family that live in places in the west that it doesn’t snow, and I’m kinda jealous they get to have nice weather, and can go enjoy snow when they want to – like this. I’ve never lived anywhere like that and can’t quite wrap my brain around it. There is snow on the ground now in the mitten, day and night, whether I want it or not. Happily, my 2.5 year old LOVES the snow and demands every morning that I go fetch her a snowball so she can throw it. She bundles up in snow pants and a bulky coat and boots and runs and hops in it, just because it’s fun.
    The pic is really great. My favorite thing about the snow is how quiet and still it is, even better at night or with a full moon.
    Aw, heck… I love Michigan.

  17. Wonderful pic Will. Been many years since I have been there, and never in the winter. My wife an I just moved back to Southern California, and she misses snow. Might have to think about a trip.

    BTW love the blog, and enjoying the Podcasts… Going to make any more?

  18. This beautiful picture reminds me of a visit I made to Yosemite Valley many years ago. We arrived on New Years’ Eve, and there was no snow in the valley. We work up the next morning to the sight of about a foot of snow, fresh and pristine, all over everything. I immediately got dressed and went out to take pictures. I was in awe and amazement for a long time. The only bad part was when I discovered I had left a car window open slightly. I’m glad you and Anne got to have a similar experience. Except for the car window part.

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