Today: New Tabletop! Tomorrow: W00tstock Founder’s Night at SF Sketchfest!

I’m really excited for everyone to see today’s new episode of Tabletop; it’s the Dragon Age RPG! I am in a party with with Chris Hardwick, Sam Witwer, and Kevin Sussman. Our GM is my friend and Dragon Age RPG designer, Chris Pramas.


Also, if you’re in San Francisco (or reasonably close to San Francisco) tomorrow night, you can come see me, Adam Savage, and Paul and Storm in W00tstock Founder’s Night at Sketchfest. At the moment, the show is nearly sold out, but if you hurry and clap loud enough, you may get lucky. There may be a song about pirates, and I will say at least one swear.

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  1. Its awesome that you got Sam Witwer to sit in, but you should have played the Star Wars RPG with the Force Unleashed sourcebook.

    P.S.-Sam is a great actor and Being Human (American Edition) is one of my favorite shows!

  2. So Kevin Sussman is basically Stuart in real life? Cool.
    Rock Armour! \m/
    Can’t wait for the conclusion, it was a good introduction. The system of Dragon Age RPG seems to be quick and elegant, just what I prefer. The stunts are a great mechanic for extra levels of success.

    In the next season of tabletop, I would love to see a session of a FATE based RPG. The system lends itself perfectly for cinematic play which is exactly what you want for a show. I’m currently playing in two Google+ Hangout games with friends in Germany. Works really well.

  3. Loved this episode! I see you share my ill fated dice rolling….my husband always gets the best rolls…and gives me crap just like Chris was with you…..and there are usually many expletives streaming from my mouth as well…I am really looking forward to the conclusion, but also the gag reels! It is also the perfect thing to have running in the background as I roll up a new character for a pathfinder campaign starting Saturday….have a great time at w00tstock founders night


  4. This was fun to watch. I was surprised when Sam said he usually run the games. That’s pretty cool. Wil, with your dice rolling luck, you should be GM more often 😉 But I guess that might make it too easy on the players..

  5. ‘That One Roll’… I had to pause the video I was laughing so hard. At least you managed to hit something this time?

    Fun episode, and I didn’t know that Sam was a long time gamer. That’s actually pretty cool.

    Also, “Smell check.”

  6. Alright, this was awesome.

    I’ve had those moments of extraordinary shame with my dice. “Awesome character! Completely antagonistic dice! Gorram-mu#!^fu$#*!g dice!”

    I appreciate your sense of composure in the moment- even if you’re not ‘winning’, you are there with people you like (I hope) and are able to entertain them.

    So, you’re coming to Ottawa in May? YAHOOOOO! With Felicia Day? AWESOOOOME! WHOOO!

    Ottawa ComicCon is gonna be awesome this year!

  7. Great episode Wil! I mentioned this on BGG too, but do you think the reason why the story-telling / RPG episodes of TableTop (like Fiasco, or Gloom, or this one) have been the more entertaining episodes is that you’re able to just strip away the game mechanics (yes, they’re bubbling away in the background somewhere) and just concentrate on the storytelling aspect?

    Really fun to watch. Looking forward to part 2, and hoping that TableTop gets a deserved 2nd season.

  8. I loved the noble origin, and both elf origins. For some reason, I didn’t play the dwarf. I guess I have an excuse to go back and replay the whole game again!

    …now I just need to find 100 free hours…

  9. Or you could just play through all of the origin stories up until the ritual. Though, I probably wouldn’t have done that if it weren’t for the GamerScore.

    But it was worth it.

    1. Ack, stupid page reload. As I was saying

      To quote the joker,

      “Where does he get those wonderful toys?”

      Great to see a game like this in the mix.

      I know others have made suggestions for games, but I really think “Betrayal at the House on the Hill” would be an awesome game to see. I have the Avon Hill version, but it seems it has since moved to Wizards of the coast. really a fun game, and I think it would be fun to watch.

      1. I second this request *so hard*. Betrayal has been in heavy rotation in our Friday Game Night for a couple of years now and we still love it. The co-op nature makes for plenty of conversation during the game, and the way the cards are written leaves a lot of room for fun in-game storytelling.

  10. Awesome episode! And I’m a total DA fangirl and was very excited when I heard you were doing the DA P&P, because I hadn’t seen it in action. I did have a question: were the cast/characters chosen as a result of what kind of campaign you wanted to demonstrate? Was there a reason for the campaign to be all males, or was that where the chips fell? As a woman that grew up in the 70/80s, I had the personal experience of D&D, and the like, being a boys’ club. I did enjoyed those who was asked to participate, they were all fun to watch, so this is no reflection on the guys, just sort of a production question.

    Also was there a temptation to play your video game counterpart? (my Dalish ranger, Lyna, would have looked at those four with “haughty derision”, but would have given all her gifts to and flirted with Thinli).

    1. It’s really important to me to have as may women on Tabletop as I can, because I believe that women are profoundly underrepresented in gaming culture; gaming is most definitely not a boy’s club, and I want to reflect that. Sometimes, though, because of our shooting schedule, I have to do a show with only dudes.

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