Can’t wait for Thursday

I’ve been a “can’t wait for Wednesday” guy for most of my life, but this week, I can’t wait for Thursday, because we’re releasing the first of two outtake reels from the Dragon Age RPG episode of Tabletop.

Here’s a little preview, so you’ll know why I’m so excited:

I may have a whole lot of fun doing stupid things with iMovie. I’m just saying.

7 thoughts on “Can’t wait for Thursday”

  1. I’d say the awesomeness of this, combined with your comments about how much other great footage had to be cut, is evidence enough that a spin-off show dedicated to RPG’s would be worthwhile — at the very least, entertaining enough for people to want to watch.

    Of course I’m also one who thinks that if you can make a 6 hour RPG session boil down to 1 hour of TableTop-quality watching… then I don’t see why the same sort of setup couldn’t be used for the occasional long format / big box board game. Speaking of which, out of total curiosity… if you were to do some long format game episodes, care to drop a few names of what you think would be at the top of your list?

  2. I had a thought – there’s some guys called BlameSociety Films on Youtube that do a series called Beer and Board Games – occasionally, they run a live feed which you can watch for a fee. I for one would love to watch the unedited (and yes, swears included) Tabletop sessions (plus RPG sessions if you do get to do that). Wonder if pay per view of the whole Tabletop sessions would be allowed? A thought, anyway – could easily put up a NSFW 18 and up tag on those private videos :-)

  3. You really nailed the sound effects. Like, those kids at the end, they captured all the joy that this episode is giving me.

    Seriously … Can’t wait for the second part. A full six hour show would be cool to watch … I’m just sayin’ 😛

  4. You do a pretty good Shaggy impression, even if unintentional. “This is bad man…really really bad”

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