Guest post by Stephen Toulouse: Life is a Series of Dogs

This guest post is by Stephen “Stepto” Toulouse. He made a comedy album you can get on Bandcamp (cheapest option), iTunes or Amazon and wrote a book called A Microsoft Life. He blogs at

This is Eowyn, our youngest Golden retriever:


She’s sort of a rescue, we owned her brother Remington and he died at 18 months of a blood disorder. Just a week after that happened our breeder had to take Eowyn away from the family she’d been placed with. My wife Rochelle and I try to alternate between rescues and breeder pups (our oldest Golden, Buddy, is a rescue and going strong at 12 and a half!) and because she was related to Remy we took her in.  Best decision ever.

Point being, though we have a cat, we’re mostly dog people. And here’s why.

Last night Eowyn farted, startled herself, and barked at her own ass for a full minute. I was laughing too hard to get video. I feel like I let you all down, because that shit was hilarious.

(Yes that’s a ribbon in her hair, and yes that’s a skull and crossbones on her collar.  Eowyn is Hard.  Core.)

(Except when she barks at her own ass.  It’s difficult to be hard core when your own orifices surprise you)

6 thoughts on “Guest post by Stephen Toulouse: Life is a Series of Dogs”

  1. My English Shepherd, Remy (named after the main character in Ratatouille), routinely farts himself awake. That is cute in itself, but it also scares him. He did this in the middle of the night a couple of days ago, and it startled him so much he jumped into my bed and tried to hide under the covers!

  2. Persephone, my Pit/Lab mix, is consistently scared by her own farts. When she does so, she’ll jump up, spin around in a circle, look at her own butt and then at me with a terrified expression on her face. I don’t like to laugh at an animal when they’re frightened, but c’mon! My other dog (and Persephone’s littermate) Annabelle will just look at her like, “Duuude. It was your own butt talking. Get over it!”

  3. Life is a series of dogs. So much so that I relate my age as five dogs old. 😉

    Molly, Chubs, Trinity, Hobie, and Storm. Yup. That’s how old I am.

    Also, that’s hilarious.

  4. Unfortunately, my Soft-Coated Wheaton Terrier, Cody, doesn’t do anything funny about his farts. But they can rival my dad for their rankness.

    What does make us laugh is when he barks at us with a toy in his mouth, which he does A LOT.

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