March 30 is International Tabletop Day

As promised, the Very Big Tabletop Announcement is here. Take it away, Felicia!

We have wanted to do International Tabletop Day since we premiered a year ago, and we’ve been working on making it happen for almost as long.

At, you can find and join events in your town, or create your own! You can play wherever you want, but if you go to your friendly local gameshop, you may just get one of the Tabletop Day exclusive bonuses for games like Gloom, Dixit, 7 Wonders, Castle Panic, Smash Up, and more. It’s so so so awesome, you guys, and I can’t wait for you to see the amazing things our friends in the games industry have created for you.

The very best thing about Tabletop, for me, isn’t that I get to play games for my job or that I get to hang out with awesome people while I do it. I know that seems like it would be the most awesome thing about Tabletop, but it isn’t. The most awesome thing about Tabletop is the community of people who have rediscovered their love of gaming, or started a game night, or have somehow been inspired by our show to play more games. International Tabletop Day is all about you, and it is designed to celebrate the community that inspires me to work as hard as I can to make the best show I can.

I hope you’ll join us on #Tabletopday, and play more games!

33 thoughts on “March 30 is International Tabletop Day”

  1. What a great idea for an event – something that benefits indie game makers, local gameshops, AND brings people together for fun? Simply awesome.

    After discovering Tabletop last week I’m looking forward to Star Fluxx, Munchkin, Small World, and Get Bit to arrive – Your show has inspired my fiancée and I to get into boardgames and have regular game nights. Thank you Wil (and everyone else involved in Tabletop’s product) for creating such a great show and delivering awesome ideas like International Tabletop Day.


  2. My friendly local gameshop was purchased and moved all of their inventory and such to Florida (which is not so local) with only a week’s notice (which is not so friendly, in my opinion), so no bonuses for me :( Looking forward to playing with my husband and our friends, though! Maybe we’ll be able to get some people outside of our normal game group to come play if we insist that it’s an international holiday…

  3. Hi Will,

    I like the idea and would certainly like to promote it. I run an online gaming platform whose aim is to do just that: promote the boardgaming hobby, make a lot of people learn about our great modern board games.

    I am not just how I could help. How can an online platform help promote the idea of playing live on a particular day?

    Anyway, great idea!

    Keep up the good work!


  4. This is amazing. You must be so proud.

    Have you got anything going on in the UK. We’re about to start a tabletop group near us, we start Monday and it would be great to be apart of this.

    1. I’m sure there’s many things happening in the UK, and if one of them isn’t near you, set one up in a pub or a library or something!

      1. Best holiday ever.
        I’m definitely setting up a game time in my dorm room! :)
        I’m the co-president of my college’s video game club. But my start was through board games. Ever since I’ve watched your show, I really wanted to invest in a board game collection. Star Fluxx is on my list and I’m definitely getting Fiasco as well after watching the awesome gameplay. Another game I’ve been thinking about getting Redshirts (by the creators of Fluxx featuring art from the Trek Life comics). It’s like Fluxx mixed with Gloom – you’re not only trying to fulfill missions but also kill off as many redshirts as you can. It would be nice to introduce 1st time players to Fluxx and then make it crazier with Redshirts.

        There was one interesting game I came across while I was at Anime USA 2012. I can’t remember the name off the top of my head but I’ll post up the name as soon as I find it. It may be great for a future episode because it’s not a typical board game.

  5. I’m going to try to get my local game shop to do this. The owner is a serious Luddite (he calls his IT guy whenever a pop up window comes up while surfing the web – no joke) but hopefully I can convince him.

  6. Haven’t gone to the site yet to see if there’s anything in my area, but we have at least one totally rocket-sauce game/hobby store in town that does a table top event every month or so. If they aren’t doing it on the 30th already, I’ll make sure they do. Oh man, I’m totally pumping myself up right now. Why does it have to be a month away?! I’ll just have to play more games the rest of the month too. :) yay, I’m excited.

  7. Apparently, as I’ve long suspected, there is no one around where I live that is doing anything (well, that or the search feature on the site is broken). Either way, I guess I’ll try a solo game of something…again… :(

    1. Is the interactive map showing for you? It wasn’t for me, until I a- disabled adblocker on the page and b- shared my location with the page.

      That said, there’s something like 3 events TOTAL showing up in the UK and none within a bus ride of my home, but be patient! It’s only been up a matter of hours – keep checking every couple of days, I’m sure more events will show up.

      That said, Hey Wil! Is there any way the website could include an option to be notified if an event is posted within X miles of your location? I don’t have the facilities or the means to organise an event of my own, but would really be up for any that pop up near me.

      1. Ah, Chrome didn’t prompt me before about allowing the site to get my location. It did this time and the map is showing. Thanks!

        Now, to decide if I want to venture all the way to Burbank… for the one local event…

        Really makes me wish I could afford my “dream” of creating something similar to Card Kingdom over here. Cafe + game store + space for gaming with copies of many games to try out…

        1. Oh, crap, I just realized what day that was…that’ll be the day I’ll be FLYING back to LA…poop! Maybe I can get the flight attendants to play Zombie Dice with me or something…

  8. Cool announcement!
    I’ve been using Facebook Events to invite the facebook friends I don’t usually see to boardgame nights.
    I usually invite twice the number of people I need and we end up with a good number.
    I also have had a lot of luck tracking down local gaming nights via
    Also Star Trek of Catan in the background! Awesome!!!!

  9. This looks like so much fun! Alas, I work the overnight on Friday and Saturday that week (as usual) and must sleep the day away. (Though oddly I already have slight plans for early-ish in the morning after work and am going in to work a bit late that night due to said plans, so maybe I could stop by an event briefly before sleepytimes? We shall see.) Anyway. Have fun, daywalkers!

  10. Hi Wil,

    Thanks very much for all that you are doing. After having more than my fair share of bad Monopoly experiences as a child I had pretty much sworn off board games bur recently after looking for ways of teaching my children patience, fairplay and sportsmanship (without the sports) I decided to turn to board games and soon discovered your show. While my kids are still a little young at 3 and 1, the other half and I have through TableTop discovered the joys of Ticket to Ride, Small World, Munchkin, Star Fluxx, Pandemic and many others. I hope you get to continue doing what you’re doing.

    This Saturday we will be hosting our first gaming say with 8 other people. We plan on hosting a session of Werewolf before playing some Munchkin and then Ticket to Ride. Wish us luck :-)

  11. Sigh… Greenland a Baltic country? Really!? Americans and their geographic knowledge. 😉
    It always worries me that America has the largest nuke collection and the worst geographic knowledge in the world…

    ‘North Korea here it comes! Eat plutonium bitches!’
    Eerie quiet…
    ‘Errr sir, that was Luxemburg…. Let me rephrase that…that WAS the hole of Luxemburg!’
    ‘Luxemburg, North Korea! Who cares, its a near miss! The fall out will take care of the North Koreans!’
    ‘Errrr… Never mind… Well done sir,… very… well… done… Jeez, who’s ass did he kiss to get this job? At least not that of his hot geography teacher. At least I know that North Korea is right next to that little freggle on her Venus hill and Luxumburg is her lovely cute earlobe!’

    I guess playing Risk with American opponents will finally get me to win once.

  12. Fantastic idea!

    Is it a weird coincidence that I heard the Tabletop “rule explanation” music in an episode of Bizarre Foods earlier this week? It was very odd to hear that music come on in a scene where a hog was being butchered and prepared for a whole pig roast.

  13. Our gaming group in Des Moines is looking into this. I think this is a fabulous way to spread the word of our existance, and hope that it brings in alot more gaming enthusiasts!

  14. 2 words Awe-some! Talking to my local gaming store to see if they can get something going, if not I will at least get together with my friend and play some games. And every time I roll low, I will call it rolling a Wheaton.

  15. I’ll be trying to convince a game/comic-minded coffee shop in Oregon City to host International Tabletop Day. Failing that, I’m going to speak to the folks at the game shop 5 miles further down the road. Thank you Wil, Felicia, and co. for making this possible.

  16. That definitely sounds awesome!

    Just wanted to share an experience I had. I saw Dixit on Tabletop, and though I had heard of it vaguely before and seen the game in stores, I didn’t really know much about it. After watching the episode, I put it on my Christmas wish list and was lucky enough to receive it.

    Flash forward to last night. I was at an event for casual gamers – nothing more complicated than Monopoly, Scrabble, etc. – and I broke out Dixit and convinced a few other people to play it with me. All of them loved it, and at least two of them told me they were going to go home and buy it that night. Outwardly, I smiled and congratulated them on their wise decision; inwardly, I was thinking “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.” It feels great to share awesome games with other people, so I can understand how great you must feel about ITD!

  17. Hello Wil,

    Was not sure where to post this, I hope you see it :) I just wanted to say a giant Thank You to and Felicia for The Geek & Sundry Channel and Tabletop. I have a 12 year old son who is the most important thing to me on the entire planet and I am deeply invested in guiding him to be the best human he can possibly be. We have been taking him to a local card shop for the past 2 years to play Magic, Yu-Gi-Oh and Vanguard and have watched him blossom in learning to interact with many different types of people and becoming passionate about something he enjoys. He has learned about good sportsmanship, playing your best and being able to be gracious whether he is winning or losing. (mind you there is still trash talk around the tables but its never mean). Recently I ran across the Tabletop show on You Tube and after watching a couple of episodes I finally got him to watch with me. I was never much of a gamer growing up (I am 44) but have always been a sci-fi / fantasy fan and hoped he would take an interest as well. I believe that the sci-fi/fantasy community as a whole embodies many of the best things about us as a society, pursuit of the unknown, tolerance and a sense of wonder and fun about the world around us. Anywhoo, through Tabletop we have discovered Munchkin and Fluxx and have begun hosting game nights at our house on Saturday nights for him and any of his friends that want to join. Needless to say it has been very successful and our house is becoming the house that the kids want to hang out at. I have completely fallen in love with both games and have been spending more than I should on expansion packs and multiple versions of each.

    And as if I thought it could not get any better, one of the episodes we watched as the Dragon Age Origins with Chris Hardwick (who, along with you, I have a minor crush on) and at the end of the episodes Alex said that he thought maybe he might want to try that. As it turns out our local shop , Dice House in Fullerton, Ca, is running D&D Encounters on Wed nights. Last night was his first playing a RPG and let me tell you I had to hold back tears a little bit when I picked him up because I have never seen his face light up like that at anything. He was animated, laughing and having the time of his life. He told me after that that it was the most fun he has ever had in his life and can’t wait to go back next week.

    So again I want to say a massive Thank You for Tabletop because if not for the show he may not have had this experience and we would not be having near as much fun exploring new board games and hanging out as a family.

    Thanks from a grateful mom

    P.S. you are welcome to Saturday game night in Anaheim any time you want :)

  18. Wow. Very cool. The only issue for us will me 1. I’m working, but I’ll try to play at least one game at work..yes, my job is that cool. Oh, and 2…isn’t that the day Doctor Who returns on BBCA?!? Guess it will be a whole wonderful Way of the Geek Day!

  19. Belgium will be present. We’ll combine our (my wife’s and mine) birthday parties into one big game event.
    We’ll go Posh & Games by organizing a high tea, with people passing by when they want, finding themselves a chair at one of the gaming tables and tuck into the fingerfood we’ll provide.

    Top hats are not required, but would be cool 😉

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