Thank you, guest bloggers!

My inner ear thinks my house is on a boat, and my brain is trying to simultaneously process the incredible week I had on JoCo Cruise Crazy through the exhaustion I earned with all the fun I had. It’s like I got all my mana back, but my hit points are recharging much more slowly.

There will be a full cruise write up when I get myself back to normal and can properly reflect on the week of awesome. Until then, I recommend you visit John Scalzi, who was on the boat and wrote about it at Whatever.

Here are two pictures for your entertainment. First, my badge, so I knew who I was.

Wil Wheaton JoCo Cruise Crazy 3 Badge

And now, the harbor at Saint Maarten:

The harbor at Saint Maarten

I have to take a moment to thank Will, Shane, and Stepto for writing such awesome posts while I was gone. They are so great, I’m leaving their author privileges intact, in the hopes that they drop by from time to time and share awesome stuff with us.

6 thoughts on “Thank you, guest bloggers!”

  1. I really really really hope that the next incarnation of JCCC goes to St. Maarten also. I couldn’t go this time because of life stuff, but I’d really love to go there. There’s a beach at the airport that’s about 50 feet below landing airliners.

    Welcome back, sir! Sounds like it was a great trip–can’t wait for your write-up.

    Take care,

    1. A bunch of Seamonkeys went to that beach to watch the planes land. I hear it’s as crazy as the videos make it seem.

      We took a field trip to Anguilla, and it was the best day I’ve ever had in the Caribbean.

      1. Yeah, I heard about the island day trip. That does sound like fun, but I’m pretty seriously afflicted with the compulsion to want to look at things that fly. If I ever end up on St. Maarten, I think the airport beach will be my day trip.

  2. Wil, you lead a charmed beautiful life. I see you are coming to my Home Town this month! Yeah, Wil Wheaton in Portland. I’m going to be there if I can. (Possible work trip interferring.)

    I LOVED the last couple episodes of Tabletop Wil. Top notch shows, and I think the RPG is tranlating well to the show’s format. I found myself cheering along when you rolled doubles.

    Looking back over my previous posts, especially the one about depression; I realized I sounded like a tool, because I was acting like a tool. Belated apology for that; it didn’t sound that way in my head.

    Take care, and enjoy!

  3. To finish the quote I left on Twitter:

    I came from the north, escaping convention.
    Modern invention that won’t let me be.
    To the shores of St. Maarten, with my fiction addiction.
    To restart the fire – a dreamer’s remedy.

    That be Jimmy Buffett, who sings so much more than the usuals, and who inspires me often. This quote seems perfect for these pics and the next entry. Keep writing, Wil. We’ll keep reading. Glad you got to get away, and also glad you’re back.

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