We have a major Tabletop announcement tomorrow

…and it’s not what you think.

But feel free to speculate, if you like, (I can’t confirm or deny anything) and until tomorrow…

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119 thoughts on “We have a major Tabletop announcement tomorrow”

    1. >Will you give credit to the games’ authors.

      The whole show is basically an advertisement for their games, why do the authors of these games need any more fanfare?

      1. Can you even imagine a books show with no mention of the book author? Why is it different with games? Do they come out of nothing?

        Inf fact, some decades ago a group of German game authors signed a declaration stating they would not publish anymore with editorials which wouldn’t credit them on the game box cover.

      1. Does he really ever mention the author’s name? I’ve never heard it, except when the author was in the show. However, I’ve seen the whole credits and you can see who provides the table, who does the make up, who is in charge of the illumination, but not who the game author is.

  1. I wonder if it’l have anything to do with the Emerald City Comic Con event scheduled for Saturday?


    Room: GAMING
    Start: 1:00PM
    End: 1:55PM

    Geek & Sundry producer Boyan Radakovich gives you an inside look at your favorite gaming show, TableTop. Share your passion for board games, get the inside scoop on season 2, and learn about a very special event we know you’re going to love – International TableTop Day, a worldwide celebration of tabletop gaming goodness. Come to the panel and win a chance to play games with Wil Wheaton!

  2. I’m gonna go all pessimistic and say Tabletop will be part of Youtube’s new pay-channel service.

    Seriously, though, what ever it is, if it’s good, is good enough.

  3. Table Top: The Home Edition (where Wil shows up at random people’s houses with 2 celebs and a camera crew).

    Table Top: The Movie (where Wil and company has to save the world by playing games against….SATAN!

    Table Top: The Musical (I don’t know….can Wil sing?)

    Table Top: The Broadway Show

    Table Top: The Contest (best Wil Wheaton impression gets a guest spot on Season 2 of Table Top [if it gets made])

    Table Top/Guild mashup

    Table Top/Star Trek: The Next Generation mashup

    Table Top Action Figures!

  4. I think we’re all missing the obvious here. The major TableTop related announcement will be that the Oxford English Dictionary will be introducing the word “Wheaton” as a vowel in it’s next release.

    But it’s “not what you think” cos it’s not “to bring thousands of people together in awesome internettey ways” – it’s actually going to be the action of Rage-Quitting a game you’re clearly losing by hitting the table, then following it up with instant innocent looks, claiming it was all an accident.

    That’s right, Anne. We’re onto you. Even the OED is onto you! You’re fooling NO ONE!

  5. A. All games in the upcoming season will be played via a Hangout session.
    B. Fans will vote on which games and/or guests will be on the show.
    C. All guests will be in “game themed” costumes.
    D. Pie.

  6. Everybody is overlooking the obvious.

    Wil Wheaton THE GAME.

    This will go with Wil Wheaton the T-Shirt, Wil Wheaton the Coloring book, Wil Wheaton the Lunch Box, Wil Wheaton the breakfast cereal…

    Players each draw 5 card, (blogging, acting, writing, general geek cards, and special) then on each players turn, you flip over 4 action cards (Got to PAX! – cost 3 geek cards, put out a RFB, 1 blogging and 1 acting card, post a bedhead picture online, 1 blogging, Go JoCo Cruise Crazy, 1 acting, 1 general geek, but you cannot spend any blogging cards this turn, etc.,),and you can buy as many action cards that are showing as you are allowed to and can afford that turn. Cards and actions have special symbols on them, and if you match the symbol on your card to the action, you create a meme, which will give you a dice roll for additional points on your next turn. After your turn is over, you draw back up to 5 cards in your hand, and flip over actions so that 4 are showing, and it become the next person’s turn.

    The special cards play that play on other cards – “Internet troll, discard any one action card of your choice that requires blogging” and of course the coveted “Don’t be a dick” card with cancels any special card being played against you.

  7. I think it will be something awesome. Since it’s not what I think, I can only guess that it will be even MORE awesome. I love these sorts of surprises! You are truly doing Pelor’s Work with Table Top, and that ought never be forgotten.

  8. SyFy is bringing back Eureka and now Global Dynamics will have a Tabletop division that plays holo-chess and other awesomeness at the smart house while it’s not busy banging the robo-deputy. Darn it, I bet that’s close and if not, it should still happen!

  9. I hope I do not take Mr. Wheatons moment away when he announces it personally, but people check the latest geek&sundry announcement. 30th of march is the date!


    I can’t really do spoiler-tags here, so please do not read further if you want will Wheaton to announce it to you



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