We have a major Tabletop announcement tomorrow

…and it’s not what you think.

But feel free to speculate, if you like, (I can’t confirm or deny anything) and until tomorrow…

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    1. Damn you Alan you forced me to log in so I can reply!!
      Hasbro? HASBRO?!?!? NOOOOOOOOO!! How dare you say such evil things!! It’s bad enough they bought Wizards of the Coast and there for D&D, Magic the Gathering, & Avalon Hill. Wizards of the coast is ….. adequate for the moment dispite bean counters running MTG forcing players out or keep buying constantly. But they ruined every game company they ever purchased. Fooey I say Fooey!!

  1. My guess, is that its going to be made into a television show. My hope is that it’s not going to be part of YouTube’s new “paid premium” thing, because that would suck. I am really hoping that the channels I subscribe to such as Geek and Sundry, Nerdist, and My Drunk Kitchen will remain free

    1. I agree they need to stay free. More commercials especially on a long form highly produced show like table top definitely are needed. I am perplexed why there isn’t at least one commercial break mid show now. It can be done on youtube already. I just did it on my board game shows mostly because it takes me quite a while to get them done being a one man band and even doing the voice overs which for me is the hardest part. Not my cup of tea to say the least. a LOT of lost revenue is being missed on Table Top for not having that mid show break.

    2. It may just be me, but I’d much rather pay for Tabletop directly than have to sit through ads to watch it. My ideal would be an iTunes-like season subscription to the show, but I might even sign up for a Netflix-like subscription to Youtube content. On the other hand, commercial breaks like Ron Petersen suggests would probably turn me off from the show entirely. I’ve been dreading that as the fate of other Youtube shows I like.

  2. There will be a new series of Tabletop.

    It will be sponsored by SJGames

    It will consist of a single game of Munchkin with every single set ever released, which will span two hundred episodes, to be released daily. The players will reach all be on level nine by episode seven, and as SJGames releases new expansions, more will be added to the pile. The game will end on episode 200, not out of any completion or time limitation, but when one of the players is crushed by their own armour stack. The final image will be of the round in progress, a cloned, humongous, last of its kind, mother, pot plant.

    To leave an air of mystery, I will not spoil who the unlucky player is, but they should have known not to pick up the duck in episode 6.

  3. Ooooh, speculation….

    You’ve been optioned by NBC to do their late night show instead of the copycatter…
    You’re now going to be on the Nerdist channel…
    You’re now sponsored by WOTC and now have to dress up in D&D livery in all future shows…
    You’ve gone meta … there is now a TableTop board game about playing table top games…
    Anne is taking over as hostess of the shows…

    1. NBC has announced that Jane Lynch will host “Hollywood Game Night” which sounds like a blatant rip-off of TableTop.
      I do like the idea of this going to Netflix.

      I will guess that the announcement is either a Season 1 DVD set is being released or that Wil has re-upholstered the Loser’s Couch. Probably the couch.

      1. Oh my. I hadn’t heard of “Hollywood Game Night” before. It sounds like the bizarro version of Tabletop. I’m picturing snarky celebrities with fashionable martinis playing Monopoly or Clue (ironically, of course) against their starry-eyed fans, while those morning-show personalities comment on their clothing choices and personal lives.

  4. Season one has been picked up for a movie adaptation, to be directed by Michael Bay. In it, the games are brought to life! Every time Wil rolls a 1, his head explodes! Annezilla takes out Grand Central Station! Sure to be a hit!

  5. Well the expected thing would have to be a season 2, so I guess that’s out for now…

    I think it’d be awesome if it was Tabletop branded tour with stops at gaming conventions where instead of your standard Q&A panel, Wil gets a group together out of the attendees and we watch them play

  6. It will now be produced by the BBC & Steven Moffat! Co-hosts Wil Wheaton & Benedict Cumberbatch travel through space and time to play games with aliens and historical figures! You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll hate yourself for caring so much! In episode 3, Benedict tries to grow a beard to rival Wil’s and space/time collapses on itself! Maybe! The season ends with Wil traveling back in time to play Parrises Squares with Tasha Yar, and the internet cries for days!

  7. Wild Speculation:

    Picked up by a Cable Network.

    “As seen on Tabletop” Partnership with Wal*Mart

    Bringing on a new Producer/Director.

    Bringing on an additional Host for alternating episodes.

    “Tabletop: The Home Game” announced.

    Sponsorship by a beverage company.

    Spin off show about playing video-games.

    1. Commenting on your wild speculation:

      “Picked up by a Cable Network.” — Sort of like what AMC did with the Nerdist Channel programming and “Chris Hardwick’s All-Star Celebrity Bowling”? Ehh, it’d alienate us cord cutters (and/or force me to buy some kind of cable, depending).

      “‘As seen on Tabletop’ Partnership with Wal*Mart” This might more than make up for the Target “As Seen on Geek & Sundry” partnership, since a) Walmart is EVERYWHERE, and b) Walmart tends to keep prices low-ish on tabletop games like Monopoly. This would be a PERFECT partnership to bring Settlers of Catan, Munchkin, etc. to Walmart.

      “Bringing on a new Producer/Director.” Please, God, no.

      “Bringing on an additional Host for alternating episodes.” Absolutely NOT. Wil is THE host of TableTop, dragging anyone else in to alternate as host would not be a good idea.

      “‘Tabletop: The Home Game’ announced.” Sort of like that horrid America’s Funniest Home Videos VHS game from 1991 or thereabouts?

      “Sponsorship by a beverage company.” Ehh… depends on the beverage company.

      “Spin off show about playing video-games.” Maybe it’d work better as a spinoff show about video game adaptations of tabletop games?

  8. In a startling move, Tabletop will now be about actual table tops, both modern and historical. Marvel at the fine teak of ages past. Be entranced by the sparkling, clear glass. All this and more!

  9. 1. George Lucas has sold LucasFilm to Disney so he can focus on “TableTop: The Prequels”
    2. TableTop has been picked up by Fox, BUT it will air Friday nights and episodes will be out of order

    1. Full realtime footage, DVD and Blu-Ray AND iTunes (because very few shows AREN’T on iTunes *cough* TNG still isn’t on iTunes *cough*). Please God, no 3D though.

  10. If it’s “not what I think” then I can’t possibly speculate the answer because that would require me thinking of it.

    In other words, to protect his secret The Wheaton has used his alien mind powers to actively block my brain from conjuring the correct answer. GET OUT OF MY HEAD, WHEATON!

  11. Strip TableTop!
    Dr. Hannah spinoff!
    Ryan and Nolan arm-wrestling for half an hour!
    Something about Anne rage flipping the table after every game…

    TableTop in space!
    You’ve been picked up for a second season on the condition that the episodes feature exclusively cats!

  12. Ooh, no wait. The major announcement is that there’s no Tabletop this week, but instead we get the gag reel from the 2nd “day” of DragonAge…in which it’s announced: “Crossover! A special episode of ‘Written By A Kid’ coming up called ‘Written by a surface Dwarf’ featuring Gorik!” Running at a condensed 4 hours, it’s soon to receive a special award for “Least watched from start-to-finish youtube video ever!”

  13. Announcement that is not what we expect? Hmmm.. You’re going to give a free tabletop t-shirt to everyone who comments on this thread? Because that would be awesome! ๐Ÿ˜€ It would go so nicely with my classy tabletop coffee mug that accompanies me to the bus stop with the children.

    ORRRRRR they are going to sell a set of collectible rubber mini-brains for fans of your zombie dice episode to purchase as an expansion to the game?

    Or the show was so wildly popular that retailers the world over have been selling out of the games you featured? (This has happened in real life here in Houston, but often the LGS didn’t know about the show, so they had no idea what to try to stock.)

      1. Great minds, indeed. I think we can build off of this, though. Definitely include a drinking mini-game… Something that involves Wil’s homebrew…

    1. Too bad Jerry Nelson passed away last year, it’d be PERFECT to have the Pigs In Space announcer voice announce “TABLETOP… IIIIIIIIN SPAAAAAAAAAAACE!”

  14. I really hope it’s that Tabletop is going to be a weekly show.

    That or we all get to duel to the death to win a slot on one episode.

    I’ll take either.

  15. You’re lying and it is what we think. Fiendishly clever.

    Regardless, you and Tabletop have reignited my gaming passion and I don’t see that fire burning out.

    Here’s to another season, any which way it comes.


  16. Hey Wil,

    Do you have a “Top 5 Must Have Board Games List”? You inspired a Board Games and Beer Tasting Night (Beer and Board Games, I’m guessing you’d approve) at my place a couple of weeks ago and it was fun and I’d like to host a few more.
    Don’t currently have much for board games, going to invest in a few more, thought I’d see if you’d recommend your Top 5 as a place to start.

    PS: This was the tasting menu – https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/110722990691314256482/albums/5845994201084884849?authkey=COnp_4LFsIWn-wE

  17. Tabletop episodes with regular “joe’s” like me!?! Other than that, picked up by a network, youtube channel, company. Money for trophies that you can keep!? Real scotch on the losers couch to help ease the pain? Picked up for season 2 would be awesome! M:TG tournaments!

  18. My realistic guess is getting published on Netflix similar to The Guild. Tabletop is my favorite show right now and I wish them continued success. Let’s hope it’s not getting canceled *tugs on beard*

  19. You’ve decided to hire the person who decided it’d be a great idea to have Seth McFarlane host a major awards show as a creative consultant? Next season of TT to kick off with a double episode featuring Cards Against Humanity and Busen Memo.

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