wheatonbot needs moar coffee

When I do my gag reel intros for Tabletop, I always get them to my producer on Tuesday, because they need to be edited and uploaded by noon on Wednesday for a release on Thursday.

And you just thought it all happened by magic! For shame. For shame.

I’ve been so busy lately, with various secret projects and w00tstock at Sketchfest and preparations for JoCo Cruise Crazy next week, I completely forgot to record my intro for this week’s gag reel. Nick, my producer, emailed me this morning to remind me that I hadn’t sent it in, and that we were running out of time to get it done. I looked at the clock, realized that I didn’t have time to really put myself together and record it, so I asked Anne if she’d just shoot me for a minute or so at our dining room table.

This was also not as easy as it sounds, because she’s doing online traffic school thanks to an epic bullshit ticket (70 in a 65 on the Interstate, no radar, she fought it and lost. Shasta County is corrupt IMHO) and can only take short breaks during the day.

Luckily for us and people who enjoy my bed head posts at G+, the stars aligned and we were able to shoot the intro. Here’s the (in my opinion hilarious) thumbnail that my shows up in my finder when I look at the file:

Wheatonbot needs more coffee.
Wheatonbot needs more coffee.

Yes, that’s the bathrobe I wear every day. I got it from Think Geek. It’s as awesome as you think.

You can see the intro I recorded, and the gag reel it introduces, tomorrow at Internet o’clock on Geek and Sundry. You can see a little tease from the gag reel right now.

38 thoughts on “wheatonbot needs moar coffee”

      1. Yes. Kirk is quick to remove his pants for your average hot alien babe. Zap never bothers to put his pants on. My wife thinks that when I wear the bathrobe, I show almost -but-not-quite too much leg.

  1. My brother made me line that robe with black microfleece. When he wears it he calls it “getting hugs from Captain Kirk”. He also has the boxers and asked a girl “Do you want to see my captain’s log?” with a wink.

  2. I must say, your bed head always brightens my day. Bed head plus your awesome robe… The awesomeness can only be measured in tachyon pulses.

    Tell Anne that I feel her pain. I was very close to kicking the California justice system in the balls over the phone when they denied my reason for getting out of jury duty. The reason being that I’ve been living (as in my official residency) and going to school in Kentucky for the last 5 years. Ugh. Anyway… Anne, I’m sorry you’ve been a victim of stupidity.

  3. Well that looks an awful like the spot where I have seen you collating paper for Jenny…. didn’t realize that was in your home.

    makes me wonder if you ever have a problem remembering what you are about to intro simply because they were filmed so long ago

  4. See, Christopher B., my wife and daughter _bought_ me that robe, so I never have to stop wearing it! Bwa-ha-ha!

    It looks cooler on Wil Wheaton, though. Of course.

  5. Off topic warning. I found several geocaches this last weekend that had googly eyes in them as trade items. All I could think of was “These caches have been #VandalEyes” I might have to get some for the next time I go geocaching.

  6. I *LOVE* this picture! The bathrobe is epic. :) Honestly, I get kinda sick of people looking “perfect” all the time because it seems unrealistic to me. Any time I see a “celebrity” willing to go in front of the camera in their natural state, they go way up on my respect scale. Comedians seem to do it the most – anything for the gag, but when you see someone like Oprah sitting in a chair without a dot of war paint on her face you realize they are not only real people with lives to be respected as opposed to gawked over, but they have a balanced enough self-image to be who they really are instead of who Entertainment Executives want to sell them as. This is why I often prefer Canadian TV over ours in the US – they’re not afraid to hire the best actor over the best looking actor.

  7. Totally off topic: speaking of “stuff” like the Thinkgeek robe, what do you use to trim your beard?

    After 20+ years of being clean shaven, I am now sporting a salt and pepper beard. While I can only dream of having “beard awesomeness” on par with yours, I will soon need to trim it to avoid looking like Walt Whitman.


  8. Wil, You look like me (but w/o the beard) before 8am. I gotta have two cups of French roast French press to get going. Damn you, I’m broke but now I have to drop $40+ on a bathrobe – in Science Officer blue. Do you wear the Tribble slippers too? I’m told they purr when you walk, Shamus would love that!

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