Will Hindmarch and Stepto and Shane Nickerson Are The Best Ever: A Post by the Real Wil Wheaton


So, you guys, I’ve decided to let Will Hindmarch and Stepto and Shane Nickerson stay on at the blog forever and ever because they are so great at blogging. I mean, I’m great at it, too, but together I figure we’re like a great rock-and-roll band like what’s that band that’s made out of robotic lions? We’re like that band. I’ll form the head!

Seriously, these guest bloggers totally blew me away. They’re phenomenal writers, each and every. I think I felt every feel just now as I went back and read all their posts from this week. What generous and wise and funny and did I mention wise fellows these once-guest, now-forever bloggers were. I’m buying them all burritos.

I’m going to go brew the beers now, like you do, and let these guys do some more blogging because, like I promised, they get to blog here with me from now on forever and no take-backs. Okay? Okay. Burritos.


Totally the Real Wil Wheaton Totally*

*(Not at all totally or at all)

21 thoughts on “Will Hindmarch and Stepto and Shane Nickerson Are The Best Ever: A Post by the Real Wil Wheaton”

  1. So it would be the Wilgisteptonickerblog?? Seems a little long, but I guess you won’t be fighting people for your domain name. XD

    Seriously – lots of awesome posts this week! Hope to see/read more of you guys!

  2. Great call!
    Though 1 burrito… Cheap skate 😉
    At least give them also a bottle of your homebrewn beer.
    And then these talented writers will still be a bargain (I got your backs former-guest blogegrs ;P)

  3. Wil and the new bloggers: this is great! It’ll be a new online community for those of us who’ve followed your blog for like, forever, since it was the original Wilwheaton.net. This is great! I loved the guest posts.


  4. Wonderful news, Wil. I know that NONE of your guest bloggers would EVER pretend to be you and make such a statement, so it must be true. Burritos all around! Good luck with the beer brewing, I’m doing the same tonight: Marzen :)

  5. I believed this up until “Wil” said “And I’ll form the head” because while lion Voltron references are always cool, I don’t believe Wil’s 12 year old’s sense of humor would allow him to put himself in such a mockable position by others with 12 year old’s sense of humor.

  6. Will this give you more free time to put out a RFB? I know your are busy working on the greatest performance of an alien ever*, but maybe you can work it into your busy schedule?

    Where’s my burrito!
    Where’s my burrito!

    Mmmm burrito.

    * ” The Greatest Performance of an Alien Ever”is the name of my Gerald Fried cover band.

  7. Wil, I did not read any of the blogs by your guest bloggers. I am interested in YOUR thoughts, not your guests. Please tell us about the remake of ST:TNG “The Best of Both Worlds” which is due out on April 25. Thanks. No hard feelings.

    1. Hi Freeman, “Remake” don’t you mean the remaster for BluRay? Or did I seriously miss something in my knack of the woods?

      I really enjoyed the former-guest contributions. I mean they are very close and dear friends of Wil’s. I can only speak for myself but in my case my friends share the same general vision for 90%. The other 10% can make for great interesting discussions.

      A question to you, if you did not know that Stepto (or any of the others) was the author and it said Wil Wheaton would you honestly have seriously noticed?
      It reminds me of that talent show back in the 1920s I guess to which the real Charlie Chaplin went and he ended up at 6th place or something like that.

  8. Ray, thanks for your reply. I meant to say “remaster” of “The Best of Both Worlds”. Looking forward to seeing again Locutus (Picard) and the Borg. If one of Wil’s guests had signed the blog “Wil” I am sure I would not have known it was a guest blogging. I have been a fan of Wil’s blog since 2004, almost 10 years. Back then he blogged about his happy and unhappy days on Star Trek, his family, wife and kids, dogs and cats, and William “F”. Shatner, and Stinky at Starbucks. I even had his personal email address for a while until he changed it. We corresponded by email quite often. Hope this may explain why I was disappointed to have guest blogs instead of the real Wil.

    1. I understand the sentiment expressed here, but I take it as a sign that Wil actually cares about the community enough to not let us sit in darkness while he is away. To each their own, I suppose.

    2. Hi Freeman,

      I definitely see your point. I dropped by in the past every now and then, when I had to get my Star Trek fix and I googled the word.

      It’s only since TableTop that I visited frequently. I actually got into board games again when I did a public gig at a games store 3 years ago — one of the more unlikely places I performed my show. But it resparked my love for collecting games again and my now ex-girlfriend loved playing board games too.

      I am also a freelance IT consultant besides being a performer. So I see some nerd related posts too, which s fun and thus I am also a Star Trek lover. Most of my IT buddies with whom we do projects love Star Strek.
      I cant wait for the new movie! Especially with Benedict Cumberbatch (awesome actor! Best Sherlock Holmes interpretation ever!) as the villain.

      So a lot of Star Trek goodies this year!

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