another batch of pictures from disney world

I know this is not an original idea, but I don’t care, because I am easily amused and it was lots of fun to take these pictures while we were at Walt Disney World.

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  1. I feel like you did it slightly wrong- which is okay! I’m don’t think the idea is to get pictures of the “photo spot” sign every where you go! But I bet it was fun! how was walking in “Hollywood” in Florida? anything like the real thing?

  2. Will –

    I hused to have tons – and I mean TONS of pics just like this. Hey, they TOLD me to take a picture of those signs.

    Next time you come to Orlando, I’d be more than happy to give you the former Disney cast member-here are all of the juicy secrets – we’re not allowed to go backstage but here’s the backstage-tour.

    And I promise not to photo bomb your pics like I tried to do on Saturday when you took those pictures of ‘The Guild’ costumers. I promise, I’m not THAT much of a son of a bitch!

  3. Those will be collector item photos since Disney has ended their partnership with Kodak. Those signs will be going away sometime in the near future. :( Kodak is ‘Merica, dammit! It will be missed!

  4. LMAO…

    You keep using that sign in your photos…I do not think it means what you think it means.

  5. Kodak is just trying to get you to buy more “film”. I actually still use an old film camera and am typing this on a dial-up computer. I would never qualify for a spot on the Enterprise. Maybe as an assistant to Mott, the barber.

  6. The first one was slightly amusing. I was giggling by the sixth one. By the end I was filled with the mirth and laughter that only a day at Disneyworld (or pictures thereof) can bring.

  7. By the way, if you enjoy this sort of thing, the XBox game Disneyland Adventures has picture taking at Kodak picture spots as part of the game (along with buying pins and other assorted merchandise). If you don’t have Kinect or Disneyland Adventures, they had it at the Wreck It Ralph Arcade in the back corner of California Adventures near Buena Vista Land (or whatever they call it).

    You could take a picture of yourself taking a picture in Disneyland Adventures in Disneyland. Then you could put that on a t-shirt and do it again. Not that you would actually do that, because that would be CRAZY.

    Crazy like a fox.

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