in which 16 year-old me plays Teen Win Lose Or Draw

This is … uh … a thing that happened.

This last weekend at MegaCon in Orlando, I met contestant Keri again, and she reminded me that we did this in 1989 when I was at the Disney Studios in Orlando. I asked her if she had a copy of it, and her husband told me they had it on VHS, but she was embarrassed by it and didn’t want anyone else to see it. He and I communicated in the secret language of husbands, and he risked sleeping on the couch to share it with us. I’m really glad he did, because unlike pretty much everything I’ve seen from this part of my life, I’m not mortified by it*. I think it’s pretty cute, and it’s obvious that we’re all having a whole lot of unselfconscious fun.

BUT! There is a cautionary tale, here: Kids, this is what we looked like when we were teenagers in the late 80s. I keep seeing that some fools are trying to make these fashion trends come back for you damn kids today. LEARN FROM OUR MISTAKES. DO NOT REPEAT THEM. WE WORE NEON SO YOU DON’T HAVE TO.

*except when I’m hollering at 16 year-old me to give the fucking obvious answer you moron!

73 thoughts on “in which 16 year-old me plays Teen Win Lose Or Draw”

  1. Sometimes I miss the 80s. And then I catch a rerun of a TV show I liked then and wonder, “How the Hell did I ever enjoy this?!” So I go back to enjoying the interwebs and my PS3. 😛

  2. I would just like to “ditto” someone’s comment on the youtube video – you guys should play Win Lose or Draw on Tabletop…. I have the Junior edition advertised in this show if you need it! 😉

  3. I think I may have actually seen this episode…. Looking at it now though… nice drawing Wil… classic over-thinker 😉 Remind me to tell you about this one time I was on Oprah… it’s my one and only televised *facepalm* moment.

  4. I think I missed something here… Bill and Ted re-wrote your life? I think I want to hear more about this –> yes, I sent this to you on the twitters too…

  5. This opened my eyes. I heard you speak for the first time on this video and thought “wow, it sounds like he was breathing helium,” because I’m so used to your voice now. Then I thought, “holy shit, that’s what MY voice sounded like as a teenager!” Seriously, every little thing I would tease you about from this video, I KNOW I had done as a teen myself probably two fold. Well, except for being on TNG and all.

    And don’t worry, I grew up in the 90s as a teen. There are fashion trends from THEN I’d like to forget ever happened. (I’m only 12 years younger than you, but that’s close enough together to regret my fashion choices and those of my peers. I mean those girls tattoo chokers and the jelly bracelets all the way up your forearm? How did you, the cooler twentysomethings, not rip us to shreds?!)

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