One Million Views!!





Congratulations to everyone at Geek and Sundry, and especially to our Tabletop team, for making it possible to reach this milestone.

And thank you to everyone who has subscribed, liked, commented, shared, and been part of the last year of Tabletop with us. I’m doing everything I can to make season two happen, and to make it even more awesome than season one.

Until next time … play more games!

24 thoughts on “One Million Views!!”

  1. I’ve watched most TableTop episode at least 4 times, soeeh… You’re welcome?
    Nah, thank YOU GUYS for bringing such quality content! ^__^
    I’mma put the full version on right now, while I work!

  2. There is a whole section in my local game store dedicated to the games you’ve demo’d on your show…it’s quite big, actually… In addition to that, they have your shows on a loop on a little TV set there.

    Pretty awesome you’ve reached (pinky finger) One Miiiillllliioooon, viewers…

    1. *That* is so cool!! I wish we had a local game shop around here so I could suggest they follow your game shop’s example.

      Congrats Wil – I can’t wait to see what you come up with next for TableTop. πŸ˜€

  3. uh, i rewatch TableTop episodes at least once a week. it’s a new addiction. We need a TA. “Hi, my name is Debby and I’m a TableTolic.

  4. This was wonderful. I love the 30-40 minute episodes, but getting a “full” view of a game just damn works. It has a much more casual, relaxed and fun feel. Hope to see more like these, and I hope this helps get Season 2!

  5. huzzah!! that is actually the last tabletop i watched (bcs i think they’re fun to rewatch!) and we just bought smallworld underground!! such a wonderful game!
    less than a week until Table Top Day!!! YAY!

    1. Uh oh… hopefully you’re not thinking that TableTopDay is this coming weekend? I know a few of my friends made that mistake, and I had to remind them that it is on the 30th, not the 23rd…

  6. TableTop has inspired me, and in return I try and inspire others as much as possible.

    Been working with my local game shop owner to setup an all-day event for TableTopDay with all of the games played on the show being available for folks to look at and play… but in the process of advertising for it, am also advertising for TableTop to a lot of folks.

    One of the greatest parts is the number of comments I have gotten back on emails we’ve sent out etc, saying how much they love the show, thanking me for introducing them to it, and saying how excited they are for TableTopDay!

    (Of course my Wed/Sat tabletop group, knowing I follow and sometimes post here, keep asking me if I’ve invitied you – Wil – to our TableTopDay in San Luis Obispo, saying “we’re only a few hours away!” — so while I’m sure you and G&S have your own plans for TableTopDay, consider yourself welcome here anyhow.)

  7. Congratulations! Speaking as one of the million, Tabletop has totally changed the way I game. Good on you!

    I hope this means a second season for all G&S?!

  8. A well-deserved congratulations to all of you at Geek & Sundry. And especially you, Wil, for having the vision and carrying it through to such an excellent finish. My family now regularly plays a number of games thanks to Tabletop!

    Looking forward to more episodes, and maybe, some day, Tabletop: The Book…

  9. Over one million views ; it is richly deserved what with my kids nagging me to play an episode of Tabletop most weekend mornings and many retailers playing these shows on a loop in their stores. You have in one show achieved an example of what I keep trying to explain to businesses. You have created one example of how to integrate the Internet with the High street. A show which is complimentary not predatory to the existence of Local game stores.

  10. Congratulations! Small World hits the magical million – no doubt because it was posted first, and the others are sure to follow. What can be said about TableTop that hasn’t been said before?

    Oh, how about “We want to see an episode that has Mr T playing Battleships with Ron Jeremy.”
    I’ll wager that’s a new request.

    Internet demands this! Make it so, Wheaton! Make it so.

    1. OMG, that would be so much fun to see Mr. T on an episode of TableTop!!! I would LOVE to see some of my other favorite Sci-Fi people, like more of the STNG crew (come on Gates!), Dyson, Bo or Kinsey from “Lost Girl”, any of the cast of “Continuum,” Josh from Being Human…oh, Kevin Sorbo!!! How fun would that be? Michael Hurst, Bruce Campbell or a group of people from “Farscape” (oooo, TV series themed TableTops! like Vincent Ventresca, Paul Ben-Victor, Shannon Kenny or Mike McCafferty from The Invisible Man or some people from “Jericho” or “Forever Knight”). I’m sure other people have their favorites, but I love the idea of themed TableTops! Maybe we should do Kickstarters for our favorite extra themed episodes of TableTop. How cool would THAT be? A girl can dream. :)

  11. Woo! Congrats! πŸ˜€

    I’m so hoping for a season 2. I’ve loved season 1 and bought 3 games (so far) because of it. I used to love board games but without any gamer friends around, I’d given up. Now I’m playing co-op games solo and I’m having such fun with them. Thank you!!!

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