46 thoughts on “your argument is invalid”

  1. OMG! that third picture made my day. my entire week! SQUEEEE!!!!!

    (and, no, it has nothing to do with the night-mare)

    also? SQUEEEE!!!!!!

      1. So did I.

        I also had them in the 80s, the 90s, and the 00’s.

        Checkered Spicoli Vans never go out of style.

  2. Finally…the long awaited deleted scenes from Donnie Darko…..

  3. OK, trying to make out the T-shirt. Is that Mr Snuffleupagus made out of Sesame Street Characters??

    If so,


    three pictures of a horse headed man. HA HA HA HA HA

      1. And that caused my brain to imagine this made up post from your site:

        “So last week I was hanging out with Ernie, Grover and Gordon. We were sitting around discussing the ladybug picnic, the number 5 and the letter W when Big Bird and Mr. Snuffleupagus came up and presented me with this awesome T-Shirt.”

  4. I see the new meds are working.

    Mine. Not yours.

    This must be the horrible hallucinations they mentioned I might experience as a side effect.

    Must be…

    Must be…

    It’s not real.
    It’s not real.
    It’s not real.

  5. And in other news, tests indicate that Wil Wheaton has been found to contain up to 25% horsemeat. Affected retails channels are already reported to be withdrawing sales of Wil Wheaton products in light of this scandal. The producers of Wil Wheaton are unavailable for comment at this time…

  6. What? What was that we just saw there… Cosplay? Furrydom?
    Yes, nightmares shall be had.
    Heh. Night…MARES. See what I did there.

    Yeah no indeed; I have no good jokes for the man with the horse head.

  7. seriously… why did I have to scroll down… RIGHT BEFORE BED… oh cause ya know the insomnia was bored… let’s add night-mares! YAY! (although… that’d be night stallions … wouldn’t it?)

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