53 thoughts on “So this one time, at Calgary Expo…”

  1. Are those bells and fireworks I hear and smell? No, wait, the alarm behind us is going off and – yes – it appears that smell is actually a real fire. Yep, the roof is literally on fire here in Calgary. Everyone except the Game of Thrones marathon has chosen to leave the building instead of being engulfed in a conflagration this reporter hasn’t seen since http://www.flyingbuffalo.com/nucwar.htm

    (PS Holy cow, an old classic has an iphone app with Claudia Christian talking in Russian accent?!? – there’s an accidental #TableTop hook)

  2. Not to be Mal-licious, but looks like you’re not finding much Serenity here. Maybe you should have him on Table Top. I’m sure he’d love Castle Defense games… or maybe he’s more into some Vigilante Justice… or a good old detective game… maybe he can Clue people in to some stuff.

  3. I was lucky enough to get Wil to sign a couple of cards for Cards Against Humanity. https://twitter.com/davidlane/status/328733633856798720 (forgive the typo in the tweet)

    Wil, your panel was awesome… especially the words of wisdom you spoke to Violet, a Nerd-in-Training at the end.
    A women sitting in my row at the panel asked Wil to speak to her newborn daughter (via video recording) about why it is awesome to be a nerd. Get the tissues. Srsly.

  4. Well why don’t you just MARRY HIM THEN????
    Because you totally should be able to IF YOU WANTED.
    Except for the bigamy thing, but OTHER THAN THAT I MEAN!!!! 😉

    T’was cool seeing you guys around the expo, safe travels home!

  5. When the Captain aims to misbehave, he AIMS to misbehave.

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that. :)

  6. Wil,

    I doubt you remember me (http://wilwheaton.typepad.com/wwdnbackup/2012/06/video-qa-post-for-denver-comicon.html#comments), but I was the one that pointed out that you were a dick last year at the Phoenix comic-con. Rather than admit it and apologize, you listened to lemmings tell you that I was dick for pointing out that you were a dick in Phoenix. If that is the sign of a dick–aren’t you a dick for having the “don’t be dick” rule?

    Regardless, I see you are coming back to Phoenix this year (despite the fact that you implied you weren’t going to). Hopefully, this year you will leave the self-entitled, self-righteous attitude (and entourage) in Burbank, where it belongs. Honestly, I would love to see you this year as I first thought you were, a nice guy. But, seeing that you changed the name of “Story Time” to “Awesome Hour,” I don’t have high hopes. Not that I had high hopes, because apparently others have seen the same dickish behavior from you:

    http://rbodine.wordpress.com/2012/05/01/wil-wheaton-is-violating-wheatonslaw-dick-hypocrite/ (be sure to read the comments)




    Sadly, based on my own personal experiences last year and the foregoing other examples, it has become clear why Hollywood keeps asking you to play a dick (e.g., Big Bang Theory and Eureka).

    Seriously, come have fun in Phoenix this year — just don’t be a dick, like last year. Please change my second impression of you.



    1. It always saddens me when people go off the deep end because they can’t make the connections they think they are entitled to make. There’s so many other things in life to enjoy and be happy about. Why waste energy on the ones the universe won’t let you control? Not everyone is going to have the same relationship with the same people in this world. Life is much healthier when you connect with the ones that ARE reciprocal. JMUO.

  7. I WANT both of your signatures on my huge pregnant belly! Let me clarify that… I will be 37 weeks pregnant when the two of you come to the Ottawa Comicon oh-so-soon, it will all depend on if I haven’t popped by then, if my swollen feet allow me to get there or if anything happens to your Meemaa. Daaaaamn so many IFS!!!

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