in which John Barrowman sweeps Wil Wheaton off his feet

So John Barrowman is really, really awesome. Anne and I got to spend a bit of time with him in Phoenix at the comic con, and he was simply wonderful.

At one point, Anne showed him the picture of her and me with Nathan Fillion, and told him the story from Ottawa Comic Con.

“We should do that, only I’ll hold you and Anne will look sad,” John said.

I made a noise like a tween meeting Bieber, and then this happened:

John Barrowman Sweeps Wil Wheaton off his feetYep. That happened. For real.


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  1. Well, I missed the Awesome Hour, then missed your panel because of MY photo op with John Barrowman… you and Anne walked by the line I was in, but that was it. Maybe next time! Hope you enjoyed Phoenix,even with the non-zombie-outbreak evacuation.

    1. I want to be John AND Wil.

      That makes me sound incredibly self-absorbed. I want to be John, and then Wil. And then maybe John again.

  2. I don’t know who John Barrowman is (I don’t have room in my adoration life for any one but Nathan Fillion…well, and Serenity), but Anne has the “put that down right now!” look on her face that all mothers recognize right before something horrible is about to happen. We have a sixth sense. πŸ˜‰ Classic entertainment! :)

  3. Ah! Fic idea! Captain Jack meets a Wandering (see what I did there?) Westley Crusher (now in his thirties).

    A torrid and passionate romance may or may not ensue. In either case, there’s much pontificating of techno-babble and shameless flirting.

  4. You and John both look great. I loved him on “Scandal.” I hope he comes back for more. Wil, I think you would be great on Scandal, because I’d love to see you play evil. You could be a lawyer or a dirty cop. πŸ˜‰

    I used to have a blog called “Clever Title Goes Here,” and you left me one of the sweetest comments. It was about how singing high notes was like flying, and you said it was the same way that it felt to audition. When you signed my copy of “Just a Geek,” you signed it “Clever Inscription Goes Here.” I will keep it always, even when it turns into an heirloom worth my retirement plan. :P~~~

    I have a new blog now called “Stories That Are All True… and some of them actually happened.” I named it that because in Texas, facts change and morals stay the same as we get older- and our memories drip through the hourglass, “Days of Our Lives” writ large. I actually live in Portland, Oregon. You can take the girl out of Texas, etc. etc. etc.

    To make a long story short, I hope that I can give you a gift as big as the one reading you has been.

    1. I have to say, I clicked on the link for your blog because I, too, am a Texas transplant (I spent half my life in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area and half of it in the Houston area) living in the Portland area. I stayed for the writing. :-)

  5. My fiance says next you should have a picture with John Barrowman holding Nathan Fillion and you and your wife looking at them all sad like. :)

  6. Ha! This is great, Wil =D.

    So, there’s been a Barrowman-Wheatonx2 pic, a Barrowman-Collins pic, a Fillion-Wheatonx2 pic, a Collins-Fillion pic, a Collins-Hardwick “Awkward Prom Photo” pic (with Collins in kilt, no less) . . . next time you, Anne, and Misha end up in the same location, how about a Collins-Wheatonx2 pic???

  7. Wil,

    My older sister was a costumer at USIU (United States International University) in San Diego back in the mid-80s, and John Barrowman was a student there and she distinctly remembers him for being VERY funny and a real talent.

    Her favorite story was them hanging out in the costuming room after a fitting and she asked him to share his Scottish accent, as up to that point he’d only been using his American accent. I’m bummed I didn’t get to see him at the PHX Comicon, maybe I’ll talk my sister into going with us next year.

    I can certainly see why Wil was so taken with him, I saw him moving through the room after making a PA announcement to the Con floor about his next Photo Op session:

  8. You and John don’t look like happy lovers here. I totally see him as Shaggy and you a scared Scooby about to run from a “ghost”! Hell, I could even see Anne’s look as one Velma might give the two. :)

  9. It’s a damned good thing you got pictures, cause your 21-year-old self is NEVER gonna believe this story.

    Now, you need to get a picture of John and Nathan holding each other with you and Anne standing off to the side looking sad. LOL I see a meme here.

  10. Okay, so I’m just a teensy bit jealous, but Anne’s face makes it worthwhile. :) And Captain Jack wins over Captain Mal any day.

  11. So glad to see dreams do come true. Seeing you all were going to be at Phoenix I hoped he would get a change to “tell you hello”.
    PS watch out for Scott (and Ianto)

  12. One day you’re going to cause a rip in the space time continuum with such antics.

    I don’t think the universe can take much more of this. Please, stop before it is too late.

  13. Ugh, SO disappointed I did not get a chance to meet you at Ottawa ComicCon- I was less than six feet from you (and Felicia Day), when I was speaking with James Marsters. I did snap a quick picture with my phone, but it’s not the same. Your line up was insane and I was exhausted, because I had to gotten off work at 8 am, came home and slept for an hour and half then headed to the Con and the lack of sleep, my ADHD, and the mind-numbing crowds left me too scattered to really focus all that well. James’ line was relatively short, so we went for him instead, (and he was completely awesome!) even though you and Michael Shanks were the ones my wife and me were there to see.

    Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that what you matters and like so many people these days, I never hated you in Star Trek, because you were doing what so many of us wanted to do.

    Please come to Ottawa next year and I can say it in person.


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