in which John Barrowman sweeps Wil Wheaton off his feet

So John Barrowman is really, really awesome. Anne and I got to spend a bit of time with him in Phoenix at the comic con, and he was simply wonderful.

At one point, Anne showed him the picture of her and me with Nathan Fillion, and told him the story from Ottawa Comic Con.

“We should do that, only I’ll hold you and Anne will look sad,” John said.

I made a noise like a tween meeting Bieber, and then this happened:

John Barrowman Sweeps Wil Wheaton off his feetYep. That happened. For real.


73 thoughts on “in which John Barrowman sweeps Wil Wheaton off his feet”

  1. You have made every gay geek in the world, including me, sooooooooooooooo jealous of you! John is one hunk of a man! Why can’t I be the one who gets picked up by John Barrowman? *sighs*

  2. It funny… In the Fillion picture, you looked really sad. In this picture, Anne looks more frustrated and resigned – like she thinking “*Again* with this!?”

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