in which nathan fillion sweeps anne wheaton off her feet

When I finished one of my photo ops in Ottawa, Nathan Fillion was doing one of his in the photo area next to mine. Anne was with me, and I know that she loves him as much as I do, so I grabbed her hand and ran with her into Nathan’s line.

I walked over to Nathan, and said to him, so Anne couldn’t hear, “Would you literally sweep her off her feet?” He laughed and said he would. Then he turned to me and said, “And you stand here, and look sad.”

So I did and this happened:

That's my guy holding my gal!
That’s my guy holding my gal!

My internal dialog at this moment is: “I wish Nathan Fillion would sweepย me off my feet.”

Nathan Fillion is as kind and funny and charming and friendly as you think he would be. We’ve sort of become friends, and that makes me so happy; he’s really good people.

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  1. It was a total blast meeting all of you. Thanks for visiting us! I was standing outside as this picture was printed off and laughed my ass off. Great shot.

  2. It would be neat if you could make the intro between Mr. Fillion and Mr. Coulton and subliminally suggest the former as a candidate for a JoCoCruiseCrazy special guest spot. Somehow I suspect Mr. F. would fit in quite well with that crowd.

  3. I wouldn’t mind him sweeping me off my feet too…


    Of course, Wil, you could do that also – but only with your rainbow Wesley Crusher suit on…

  4. I love this, and I love you Wil!

    However, I feel as if you should hide this from The Bloggess, for she may have her heart broken that you would collate copies for her and then consort with the man who has thwarted her twine adventures for this long!

    1. I was thinking something along these same lines, only exactly different… you (Wil) should somehow arrange for Jenny to be at a nearby photo-op table with you (Wil) and Nathan nearby, so that she could get her own pic of him FINALLY holding twine for her… even if he’s only doing it for you (Wil)!

      1. My thought when reading this was also similar.. only, I was going to say “and you secretly had Anne holding twine when he picked her up, so he was also holding twine.. right?”

  5. Wil, I love your face and Anne’s is priceless as well. If he ever does sweep you off your feet – pics or it didn’t happen! I am looking forward to meeting him at the first opportunity, like I got to meet you at Planet Comicon in KC. Thanks for being you!

  6. Is it true that Fillion smell of Rainbows and Unicorns too? It’s a Totes Awesome photo! Maybe it should be the Wheaton family Christmas card?

  7. This is neat. From what I can tell, computer screens away, you are all good people. It’s why I geek out at 50 plus years of age. You’re the kids-now-grown I wished lived down the street, who came over to share cups of tea and conversation. At least I have the internet, and you… well, you have this. In the words of my generation, that is cool beans.

  8. I’m finding that these days I pretty much feel like throwing up about 24 hours a day, and for just a few minutes, I felt a little less like throwing up. Thanks Team Wheaton.

  9. I really hope that you put this in a nice frame and put it in your living room – because it should be seen on a daily basis because it is awesomeness.

  10. I really want to see you an Mr. Fillion work together on anything. Commercials, Skits, an Episode of “Tabletop” and episode of “Castle” (You can be youself as a writer at his poker games because you ARE a writer AND you play poker!) Anything! Make it happen!

    1. Yes!!

      I was thinking about the idea of Wil on Castle the other day & I thought – since Wil has been having so much fun being villains lately, perhaps he could play Castle’s nemesis. Not the ‘murderer of the week’ variety, but a writer nemesis possibly of the ‘my style is better than yours’ variety.

      1. Although, did you see him on Criminal Minds? Creep Factor of one million-plus with two zillion bonus points for overcoming his natural affability.
        My point is that I’m not so sure Wil couldn’t do Murderer of the Week nemesis *and* writer nemesis.

        Also, in case it wasn’t PERFECTLY clear: Yes. This. I want this to happen.

        1. Clarification – I meant ‘writer nemesis’ *not* ‘murderer of week’ – because as a writer nemesis Wil could come back again, whereas as a murderer, he’d get chucked in jail.

    2. This. I vote for the Castle idea. As many times as possible.

      Love the photo, Wil. Funny thing-I have a photo op with Nathan coming up this weekend, and I’ve been trying to think of something funny to do. Yeah. I can give up. You win. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      And if Castle can’t work out, the Dr Horrible 2 idea has some serious merit…and to bring you into the Whedonverse officially would be mighty damn shiny indeed.

  11. In which we find that Bad Horse “The Thoroughbred of SIn” is actually Wil Weaton watching Sportspuck, and Captain Hammer’s interest is a woman who’s mild mannered husband makes beer at home.

  12. Sigh…… Anne Wheaton is the LUCKIEST woman in the world. She has a great, introspective husband who is a grown up, but can still find the fun in life and most importantly – SHE WAS SWEPT OFF HER FEET BY NATHAN FILLION!!! I’m not the kind of person who would want to retrospectively lived any other life but my own, but maybe I would consider walking in her shoes for just those few minutes. I love it when the world can watch someone’s dream comes true. Thank you for sharing that with us! I’m very happy now. :)

  13. I wanted to take a minute to say thank you! I did not meet you but you did meet my son. It was the moment of the convention that meant the most to him. He told me you are “real” people, funny and open and incase you didn’t see it…you made a very big impression on a 13 year old. These conventions are important, in that, they give many people a refuge away from what can sometimes be a very cruel world. Thank you for taking the time to chat with him, make eye contact with him and for choosing to give out a genuine connection … The world needs more WIll Wheaton’s. Thank you, from a Momma. You have touched my heart.

  14. And Nathan’s handy to have around when you need your picture taken in a restaurant with a fan too ;-). So wonderful meeting you and hearing you talk! I promise to never be “a dick”!

  15. You and Anne are the most loving “public” couple I’ve ever seen. That is so amazing and thoughtful of you to ask Nathan to do that, knowing how much she would love it. It looks hilarious. What happened to Nathan’s hand?

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