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I’m stealing this idea from my friend Warren, who does it better than I do.

My name is Wil Wheaton. I’m an actor, writer, champion of geek culture, and a guy who makes things on the Internet. This is my blog, but …

Thanks for stopping by.

(Awesomely disturbing image courtesy of Jack Crowder.)

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      1. Your Google+ link goes to a 404 on this site, it looks like you need to either make it an absolute URL or something.

        It looks like this:

  1. Looking so good! You aged well and are not a geek or Nerd! I think as we were younger, we labled ourselves as them. Well, that was 30+ years ago. I know I have changed for the better. Lot’s more guys staring. Hehe. I don’t see anything different with your these other “geeks and nerds” who have grown up quite handsome or pretty for the ladies. I am glad I found your blog and Twitter. I am so intrigued and want to read as much as I can. Your childhood reminded me so much of mine! Minus the mint chocolate chip thing (I know it’s a guy thing, LOL.) Can’t wait to read some more and how far you have become! And I love humor! I was just cracking up looking at Twitter. I really am glad to know you’re still around. I can’t wait to read some more! Stick around for us fans who just found you again. Always wondered about you. Now I’ve found you. HAHA. LOL! Hope ya have a great day! I will be catching up on you for the last 20+ years. Well at least try. 😉

  2. It has been a long time since I have seen a new book/chapbook/audiobook from WWDN to buy, and I have this money burning a hole in my pocket…

    BTW, I STILL want to read the expanded versions of “The Day After and Other Stories”

    If you KickStart a written project, let me know, I will prepay to have a first edition of the work, that is if your busy schedule allows you to write.

  3. Great artwork! It lacks your impish side, but if you ever wanted to go for the lead in the remake of Thunder Dome, you’d be a shoe in with this as your head shot. Do you ever wonder how you manage to take care of all those sites of yours? I can’t even handle my e-mail and I only make inquisitive visits to Facebook since they took Restaurant City down. I had to make your blog my browser home page just to keep up. I am in awe.

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