marlowe is happy that we’re home

One of the best things about having dogs is how they make me feel like I’m the greatest thing in the world, just because I walked in the door.

We were up in Portland for a few days to celebrate my godson’s first birthday and have a Wheaton family reunion, and when we came home, Marlowe ran laps around the house.

She did a wall ride off our couch, resulting in this:

2013-07-29 16.28.50

If I were better at math, I’d write out the equation that expresses the transference of puppy’s exuberance into actual force energy with a variable for how long it’s been since the puppy last saw the human, and I’d put it here.

Edit: This is from Chuck, in comments:


Pe=puppy exuberance
Ta=Time away
Wh=Wheaton awesome factor.
Mf= Marlowe force energy.
Pe*(Ta+Wh^2)=Mf or moving furniture in a single bound.

Oh, and this is, according to WordPress, an image post. With six types of potential posts, it seems silly that I only make standard posts.

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  1. I have a cat that runs laps like that every morning, when I let him out of the kitchen. I wish he didn’t use his nails while jumping on the couch, though.

    And for your WordPress post-types: I have nine (!) different post types on my blog! *blows raspberry*

  2. Pe=puppy exuberance
    Ta=Time away
    Wh=Wheaton awesome factor.
    Mf= Marlowe force energy.

    Pe*(Ta+Wh squared)=Mf or moving furniture in a single bound.

    Have a great day and Big Smiles!

    1. The only problem with this calculation is that most dogs can’t tell time. I get the same reaction from a 15 min trip to the store that I do when I return after a 3 week trip.

      Oh wait…maybe it’s only my dogs that can’t tell time :(

  3. We we return home from a weekend at our place on the lake in NH, my dog “Faith” (Shepherd/Husky mix) does the same thing. But then she seeks out her buddy “Eli” our cat. They are best friends! They play tag and wrestle for at least a 1/2 hour, then collapse together and take a nap :)

  4. One of our dogs HAS to bring us something when we come home. He greets us at the door, then runs frantically around until he can find a ball or a bone (or sometimes socks or trash…) to give us as a welcome home gift. :-) Dog greetings make even the shitttiest of days a million times better!

    1. Our dogs do the same thing. I’ve never been able to find out why they do it, but I think it has something to do with respecting the pack leader (you) by bringing you something of greqt value.

  5. Our dog yells at us when we come home. Not barking, not whining, but a yell. That’s the best way to describe it. And he jumps all over the place. He’s happier when we come back after 15 minutes than if we’ve been gone 5 hours. It’s such a fun thing to have someone be THAT excited to see you.

  6. If only you knew…we have two small 2-year-olds. They go nuts, though mostly for my wife. Basically, when I’m home alone, they love to hang out with me. As soon as she shows up, bam, off they go. Despite their size, though, they manage to figure out some way of climbing up and, especially Chloe, to get right up to your face so she can lick the hell out of your mouth, nose, forehead, whatever’s handy. :) Dogs are awesome.

  7. Everyone is a celebrity when they have a dog. You get to know what it feels like to be literally worshiped. I get be a Deity when I return from the most mundane errands. It’s really awesome!

  8. Bill Maher said it best: “One of the reasons why I love my dogs so much is that whenever I come home after being on the road, it’s like I’m the Beatles.”

  9. My 9 month old son does the same thing! Well okay, he doesn’t bring me a treat or tear around the house, but he DOES flap his arms and kick his legs like crazy making all kinds of happy gurggly noises.

    It’s even better when my wife is:

    A) holding him. What transpires could be considered assault and destruction of property (her glasses go flying).
    B) feeding him in the high chair. We get al kinds of abstract art work on the floor wall and ceiling.

    Whatever the situation, it makes my day every time…

  10. Our dog does the same thing – although she’s also a puppy so these “parkour” sessions (as my older son calls them) also happen when she goes into puppy frenzy around 9pm at night.

  11. Oh yeah, dogs are awesome. Dana would give us a similar welcome home, though wall riding skills were a bit beyond her. But the amount of energy one little Pomeranian could put into a welcome was utterly amazing and always very welcome. She passed away a couple of years ago but stories like yours Wil just remind me how much we NEED another dog in our house. Their overwhelming joy at you just being around and unconditional loyalty and friendship really can force happiness upon anyone. Thanks for sharing that Wil.

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