Coup: An amazing bluffing game from Indie Boards And Cards

Thanks to my fellow gamers respecting, understanding, and supporting my “I’m not here to take pictures and sign autographs, I’m just here to play games” policy at GenCon, I got to play a ton of really great games this year, including probably the best bluffing game I’ve ever played. It’s called Coup, and it comes out from Indie Boards and Cards (they do The Resistance, among other things) later this year.

While I was waiting in the airport to come home yesterday, I looked it up on Boardgame Geek, and decided to add my own review to the board, you know, to give a little something back to the community:

Subject: One of the best bluffing games I’ve ever played.
I played a demo of this at GenCon, and fell in love with it. I played with five strangers, and when the game was over ten minutes after we started (it takes all of 2 minutes to learn it) we were ready to start over and play again.

The cards look great, the rules are incredibly simple to learn, and even though there’s player elimination, it only takes about 10 minutes to play, so nobody has to sit out for too long.

This is a fantastic palate cleanser during a game day, and a great way for a few players to get into a quick game while waiting for a slot in another game.

You won’t see this on the Geek, though, because it wasn’t accepted

Comments from users that moderated this article:
Not much content
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Lacks depth.

Well fine! You’re not my real dad! I’ll put my not-a-review on my own site! With blackjack! And hookers! In fact, forget the review!

I’m just kidding. I suppose it’s not actually a review*, and more of a forum post … but it really is a great game, and something I hope we can find a way to play on Tabletop if we do a season three.


*This one is, and it’s worth whatever geek gold you happen to have in your pocket.

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  1. Yea, the ‘geek is pretty strict on having reviews be really in-depth reviews. Makes the site better overall. You can post something like that in the “general” section for the game if you’d like, or fill it out more of why it’s good, what it’s similar to, etc. Or just add it as a reply to the link you posted.

  2. I kickstarted this, and played the demo at Gen Con as well. Made me VERY happy I kickstarted it!

    Also, I want to apologize because I totally forgot any semblance of respect for privacy when I saw you at Gen Con and kind of came out of nowhere on you to say thanks for making Tabletop and shake your hand. I hope I wasn’t too disruptive, I felt like a bit of a dick afterwards.

  3. Good to hear the game is fun – I backed it on Kickstarter and can’t wait to get my copy!

    I’m still trying to figure out what my game group did wrong when we played The Resistance. We played it three times in a row with seven players and we never felt like we were even remotely able to guess who were the spies in any of the three games.

    I have a request. If you do another Not the Flog, would you have any interest in recommending games for groups of 7 players? My game group has that many folks, and we find it frustrating that the VAST majority of games are for 6 or fewer people. I’m just trying to get some ideas for games I might not be aware of for my game group to enjoy.

    Sounds like GenCon was a blast. I’m hoping to be able to go next year!

  4. I find the resistance hit or miss. The first time we played it the spies owned us. The second the exact opposite. I find in smaller games the spies do better, but in larger groups they have difficulty.

    Excited to try this. i love the little “palette cleanser” games you mention. Resistance is one, as is Tsuro and Sitting Ducks we often enjoy.

    Did you get a chance to try Hanabi?

    Co-Op game that just won the SdJ award. Price point is low, so I might give it a go without see it put through the Wilt-mus test (too much a stretch?).

    And dude write a day off, grab you buddies and rock a civilizations. You will love it if you like the video game

  5. I had a really great time playing both Coup and one of their other recent games, Gauntlet of Fools. They were both so quick and light, with just enough backstabbery and edge to make them intriguing over and over again. Of course I may be a bit partial to liking Coup since I ended up winning the demo tournament they held (with a bit of help from a friend who also made it to the finals of that tournament!). I know that is a not-so-humblebrag, but I cant help it! I never win at game nights with my friends, so I am telling everyone about this one!

    I’m glad you had a wonderful time at Gencon. This was my best year yet and I was hoping other people had as good a time as I did.

  6. We loved it so much we tried to make a version out of playing cards, writing the rules reference sheets on the notes apps on our phones so we could play at the bar… it didn’t work out (Is the Ace the Assassin or the Ambassador again?).

    It was a blast playing Coup with you during the demo though Wil! I was the jerk who knocked you out of the demo game. I went on to play ALL weekend though… even ending up in the final round of the tournament!

  7. I also Kickstarted this. So happy to get a chance to play at GenCon. Really lived up to it’s promise. Saw the original printing for Sale at one of the booths, and considered picking it up, but couldn’t quite justify it. Did you play Blood Bound? Really surprised how good it was considering how bad the cover was.

    Happy you got to just play some games too. I was a little overwhelmed, but still got to play almost all the games on my to play list.

  8. I backed the KS of Coup so I’ll have it in a few months. Have you heard about or were able to try Mascarade? Brand new by the designer of Citadels. I’ve seen comments that it’s like a combination of Coup and Love Letter. Here’s the game description from the CSI page

    “The goal of the game is for players to gain the most gold pieces that they will amass either by telling the truth, or alternatively, bluffing. Players each receive a Character card, that they will switch, or not, with their opponents throughout the game play.

    “At each turn, players have the option to either announce who there are, and therefore are able to activate the power of that Character, as long as none of the other players challenge them; to secretly look at their card; or to swap their card with another player. ”

    SU&SD reviewed it last week and they played it a little on the BGG live feed this weekend. It does look interesting but also possibly hard to wrap your head around. It has a similar coin element to Coup but you might not actually know which card you have when you make your bluff because the swapped cards are shuffled under the table first so the receiving player is not sure if they’re getting a new card or the same card they just had so you could just be guessing when you name your card to activate it.

    I’m not sure if I want to get it because I already have Love Letter and will be getting Coup.

  9. We ran into this at last year’s BGGCon (Dallas, week before thanksgiving, always awesome). I definitely have the same opinion: bonuses for simple to learn, quick to play, and complex interactions. We made sure someone in our local group had a copy before we left. They ran out of copies.

    I jumped on the kickstarter to get my own copy.

    Re: bgg reviews, yes they’re a little strict. (but to god measure) I’d post it as a session report, which is kind of the “review lite” category.

  10. Thanks for stopping by the booth and checking out the game, Wil. Glad you liked it. Indie Boards & Cards is proud of the games we have to offer, and Coup is up there with the best.

    1. hmm, can’t edit so I’ll reply to that to say that if you feel snapping that pic (or posting it) was in bad form then I’ll certainly take it down.

  11. I saw it at GenCon but didn’t get a chance to play. My best discovery (which I just missed being able to kickstart the expansion) was Wrong Chemistry-deceptively simple at the start but lots of fun.
    My last game at GenCon was the one which was the most cut-throat The Little Prince(yes, based on the book). Again simple and quick but fun.
    One of my favorite parts of the con were all the recommendations

  12. Thank you for being so nice when my friend and I stopped at the table after the Tabletop session was done. You are an adorable and sweet man and it certainly made my day to meet you in person.

  13. I can understand the need for a weekend just for yourself instead of for your fans. :-) It was just a super pleasure and shock to run into you unexpectedly at the Paizo booth. I turn around and suddenly you were there. I am a huge fan and while it would have been a true honor to have a pic or autograph, I never would have thought to have the chance to see you like that. Thank you for being the awesome person you are and glad you enjoyed your gaming at GenCon. :-) Marisa DeGroot

  14. Huh, didn’t even realize you had a “just here to play games” policy at GenCon. I just figured I was not being an asshole by accosting you in the Marriott elevator (I’m the classy lady who said “Shit yeah we’ll hold the door for you!” when you put your leg into the closing doors).
    Also you should know that my sister in law ran into you the weekend before GenCon and rubbed your head. Despite her insistance that I also rub your head, I declined when I had the chance.
    I’m glad that you got to play games without interruption, and that your fans respected this decision! :)

  15. Had I known about your “no autographs” policy this time, I wouldn’t have even asked at the formula d event. Nonetheless, thank you for breaking your personal policy so I could have it. I’m not usually “that girl” but someone I consider family very politely asked me to try to get it after he came to my house at 7:30 in the morning to cut my hair so it wouldn’t fall in my face while we were playing formula d. Thanks for a great game of formula d and rest assured that your signature will not show up on ebay and, in fact, will make a very good person very happy.
    -Hillary aka “red toyota camry”

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