save vs. con crud

I failed my Fortitude save against con crud, and what started out as general sinus discomfort yesterday has turned into full-on misery today, with the burning sinuses, broken-glass throat, and heavy feeling in my chest.

I’m not complaining too much (though I do have to miss something awesome tonight), because I have a stack of comics, a stack of games, and a pile of books that are all just waiting for me to have an excuse to do nothing but read them.

Anne observed that she might be the cleric in my party, because she she’s around I don’t get sick at cons … and while I don’t want to mistake correlation for causation, I do want to share an epic picture of Paul & Storm and me being epic:

Wil Wheaton, Paul and Storm, a bear, a sword and a rocket launcher.


That photo has nothing to do with this post, other than basically being the entire reason I wrote it.

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  1. Clearly many of us failed the save. It must be something in the dice, but I guess with 49,000 people, it’s difficult to avoid. I swear everyone on my plane back was coughing themselves to death. Anyway, hope you feel better soon.

  2. Yeah, I have a pair of two handed broadswords in the basement just in case awesomeness is necessary. I mean, you can’t have everything. Where would you put it? But the potential for awesomeness is pretty darn important.

  3. If I had crud like that, I would be looking back on awesomeness of days past due to missing awesomeness yet not had, and not going to have due to crud… and if I may use a cliché, I think it’s going around… I could be wrong. I’m not a dr. I have the non existent doctorate to prove it. I do truly hope you feel better. There is awesomeness to be had and you must be a part of it! (exceeded the use of the non word awesomeness)…

  4. Wait a minute … I don’t remember there being a bear at ECCC? But then I only saw your panel with Felicia Day so I guess I missed the bear? Bummer man.

    PS Hope you feel better soon.

  5. I find that the liberal use of a hand-sanitizer has seriously helped reduce post con-crud. I keep a travel size one in my bag. After reading an article on travelling and how long viruses LIVE in hotel rooms, I now wipe down all of the things I usually touch in the hotel room — door knobs, sink faucet, remote control, etc.

    1. Same here. I must have forgotten to do one of my regular sanitizings on the con floor, or maybe I got something on the airplane coming home.

      1. Gosh, it could potentially be neither! I have Type I diabetes, which for me means my immune system is a powerful vacuum, so I know that I didn’t fail to Purell after shelving games I ran, or wash my hands before eating or touching my face or use sanitizing wipes between one game or folder or laptop and the next – and I still have it, too! I am betting this year it was some kind of crazy mutant airborne crud. Ack. Ew. . .

  6. As someone who’s allergic to just about every animal on the planet and actually lives with a few of them despite that, it’s time to get paranoid, my friends. It might take time to get used to the idea but I sort of treat cons like they’re the greater world and I’m a surgical theater. Sure, things will get dirty as people pass through (or by) and you go and touch stuff (c’mon, how can you not?!) but always remember those paws of yours eventually have to touch a patient (you) and that patient is completely at your mercy.

    When I’m at home, I’ve got designated safe areas (my office, the bedroom) where I can let my guard down a bit. Given the fact that that pesky dandruff can transfer (usually on our feet but sometimes because my non-allergic wife can be a bit careless despite all my haranguing), I still pay attention to what I touch. It’s not like a fully accounting of every square inch. It’s more of a boolean flag I set when I feel like I’ve touched something I’m not sure about or touched enough things since the last time I washed my hands that I lack the confidence to say that I’m safe.

    It sounds complicated but it’s surprisingly easy. And if you take the “closed-handed” approach to cons where you just avoid using your open hand to do anything unless you have no choice, then you’ll tend to be safer. Also, just remembering some of the usual tenets of immunology and health in general: fatigue and stress can suppress your immune system allowing those viruses to take root easier and faster. Hydrate, rest as often as you can, try to minimize stresses (sometimes a pair of headphones and some good music to mask the general noise of the con can help) and take those vitamins when you can.

    Lastly, I know it sounds counterintuitive but exercise and moving around are your best friends when you’re exposed to viruses and when you’re sick. Your immune system relies on your lymph system to expose viruses and infected cells to those immune cells. The lymph system is sort of the anti-vascular system. While your heart makes sure your blood moves, your muscles and moving those muscles ensures the lymph system works (long story short blood plasma and other fluids that fill your tissues are pushed through pipes similar to blood vessels). It’s part of the reason an active person is less likely to get sick versus someone who’s more lethargic (yes, that’s a general statement, and yes, we’re talking probabilities not actualities so mileage may vary). Movement helps expose those viral antigens to your immune system and can help catch the infection before it goes full blown or when it’s already gone full blown can help speed recovery.

    I know it’s too late now but definitely try to get some rest, if you can, take a walk with Anne and the dogs even if it’s just around the block, get some fresh air, be happy and you’ll pull through. It’s always nice to have someone who can take care of you (my wife’s more of a Florence Nightmare…but well she’s all I gots!) cause happiness can make anything seem better. :)

  7. I just love how much Anne has been embracing geeky cultural references in the last couple of years. I’m quite sure it was not even two years ago you mentioned making a similar reference in her company and she just giving you a blank (and slightly annoyed) stare.
    Hope the crud clears up soon!

  8. Feel better soon. Tea with ginger root; and maybe some L-Lysine supplements if they won’t interfere with the other things you have to take to maintain your awesome.

  9. Funny thing about Fort saves: You usually fail, and making a Fort save is hilariously difficult. Funny story: I was playing a Pathfinder Society campaign last weekend with a pregenerated character and there was a load of fortitude saves. Predictably, I failed the most important Fort saves every time and I had some of my bonuses dropping like flies. It was annoying and I hope that doesn’t happen again.

  10. I’m sorry you’re not feeling well and I hope you feel better soon but…books, games, comics? Maybe you can share which ones (and your thoughts on them) when you’re feeling up to it?

  11. Rest assured that when I next see you, Wil, I will greet you with an air High Five to protect you from any germs I may be harboring.

  12. Man that is epic indeed, how the bear will slay you all 😉 …. well seriously look at the size of it’s head dude! :-)

    But here’s something else I have to say. I recently discovered TableTop and already watched every episode (some twice) and really have to say that this show is like my YouTube “Game of Thrones” at the moment!!! :-)
    Thank you Wil for this and keep up the EPIC work!!! :-)

    But anyhow I have one question for you Wil, in the episode “Say anything” your answer for the question “What is the worst song” was: “Dave Matthews cover of the bends feat. STP”.
    Does that implies that you don’t like the DMB at all? That is my favorite band on earth and it would really shatter my world. 😀

    Greetings from Germany and Game on!

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