Congratulations to Tabletop!

Last night, Tabletop won the most meaningful and genuinely prestigious award in the gaming industry, The Diana Jones Award for Excellence in Gaming.

I don’t care about awards, and prefer to just let the work speak for itself, but it’s not hyperbole to say that it’s the Stanley Cup of gaming awards, and it is given by a group of people who I deeply respect and admire.

This show would not and could not exist without some very wonderful people, and all the work they put in from the very beginning of the first season. I owe them an incredible debt of gratitude for the work they’ve done and continue to do, and for making it possible for me to share my love of gaming with the world. We’re making something that’s more than just an entertaining show; we’re bringing families together, helping kids with learning disabilities, and this weekend in Chicago, a lady told me that Tabletop made it possible for her to communicate with her autistic son for the first time in his life. So it is my great honour to share this with

Our Director, Jennifer Arnold
Our First AD and Associate Producer, Adam Lawson
Our Executive Producer, Sheri Bryant
Our Associate Producer and Games Guru, Boyan Radakovich
Our amazing editing team, lead by Steve Grubel
Everyone on our fantastic crew
My dear friend and partner in crime, Felicia Day

I also want to thank everyone who watches Tabletop, plays Tabletop games with their friends and family, and creates the games we love to play. We will keep making this show as long as people will watch it, and as long as we can somehow pull together the funding to make it possible.

Congratulations, Team Tabletop! I’m so proud of us!




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  1. Wait a minute. I thought winning at Tabletop was the most meaningful and genuinely prestigious award in the gaming industry.

    Congrats to all the Tabletop crew! It is much deserved.

  2. Woo! Congratulations Tabletop, very, very well deserved. I’m always waiting for the next one and the list of games I want to buy is getting longer and longer. Thanks to you I’ve picked up Gloom, Elder Sign and Ticket to Ride.

  3. Congratulations and well deserved! Your show has introduced my family to new games AND has diffused the argument from impatient friends that, ‘it’s too hard to play’. My response is always, ‘Wil will teach you’ and then I turn on which ever episode features the game we’re playing and use your intro as a means to detail the rules.

    Your show is entertaining, educational and more importantly – bringing people together to socialize in a way that has been lost in a world of technology. A TableTop rule in my house – phones off and in a different room than the game. It’s amazing how much more fun that rule makes gaming with my friends and family.

    Thank you, TableTop for being awesome.

    1. BLAST!!! Multi-tasking while at work almost always leads to a grammar SNAFU. None the less please, berate and belittle my grammar misgiving – or forgive. I prefer forgive.

  4. Congratulations to everyone at Tabletop! Had it not been for your work, my family would never have known about Ticket to Ride–which has given us quite a lot of entertaining hours (with our son, especially). Here’s to much more in future! :)

  5. My family has recently become hooked on Tabletop, especially my son (age 9) who is watching every episode multiple times. His life’s ambition is now to become a game designer and to be featured on your show.
    It has revived our interest in all types of games. We have added two games from the show to our family library so far and are even getting back to doing puzzles as a family.

    Thanks you to you and the entire crew at Tabletop.

  6. That is awesome! I love all the games you have introduced me and my family to. We have great game nights now with our two kids. My kids don’t understand why 25% of your words are beeped out. *sigh* Were we ever so innocent once?


  7. Congratulations on the award, it is well deserved indeed!

    Due to watching Tabletop, my husband and I have a huge pile of games ever-growing in our living room and have had a blast playing them together.

    If the day ever comes that you need help funding future seasons of Tabletop, I think I speak for most of the fans of the show in saying I’d be willing to participate in a Kickstarter to keep the show going. The enjoyment your show has brought is priceless.

  8. Congrats! So glad this show exists even if I know half the games (well, at this point I knew about maybe a quarter). I love that this is exposing people who thought Monopoly was it to new games and game stores are getting new business because of it. Anything that promotes gaming in a positive way (especially since board games are all about being social and NOT anonymous) is a great thing.

    Keep up the good work all!

  9. WOW– Congrats Team Tabletop!

    Thanks to your show my family and I have spent many happy hours bonding over mayhem, mutual destruction, ZOMBIES, genocide, wave combat and trading sheep for wood. It is also helping my twelve year old non-reader (I honestly don’t know where I went wrong; I read, reading is fun but she say nay) spawn work on her comprehension, vocabulary and even math skills.

    So a hearty and sincere thanks and +5 to awesome!

  10. Congratulations!! you all deserve that award. Thank you and to everyone who help make TableTop the wonderful show that it is. My son and I love it!

  11. Congrats! Table top is one of my favorite shows on youtube right now. And I’m starting my own collection of table top games thanks to your inspiration.

  12. Very well deserved. This is my first GenCon ever and I can see the impact of TableTop all around as I see people gravitating towards the games that have been featured.
    I was able to introduce my brothers to Alhambra at the game library-all the encouragement they needed was that it had been on TableTop.
    And if you were ever looking for a different genre of game, we had a blast trying 1st&Goal, a football game

  13. Hi Will,
    congrats to this Award. You remembered me how awesome it could be to just invite some friends and play a good boardgame or pen&paper roleplaying game. Thank you for that!! :-)
    I don’t have a group right now, which really is a shame but I will work on it.
    By the way did you ever consider to raffle a wildcard or ticket to us fans to participate in a future episode of “TableTop”?
    Cause this would be totally worth a travel to the states for me! 😉
    Greets from Germany.

  14. Well done Tabletop and congratulations to you Wil. Ives watched Geek & Sundry ever since its launch and have always enjoyed the shows that are featured. Tabletop really made me enjoy being around a group of people who I love to be around and play board games and just enjoy each others company and the game :)

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