My very favourite Nerdist podcasts are the ones where Chris, Matt, and Jonah just sit around and talk about stuff. Every time I listen to them, I find myself talking back to the recording like I’m there, wanting very much to join into the conversation.

Anne is sick with a terrible sinus infection this weekend, so while she sleeps and tries not to feel like her head is in a vise at the bottom of the ocean, I’ve been doing dishes and putting shit away so it’s one less thing she has to deal with before we go to Chicago next week.*

I’ve been listening to Nerdist Podcast 386 while I clean up, and I feel like I’m hanging out with my friends. It’s really great, and worth listening to.

Side note: I’m incredibly proud of Chris, and so so so so so so happy that he’s as successful as he is. Every now and then some idiot tries to engage me in some sort of Geek & Sundry vs. Nerdist bullshit, and I always tell them, “You’ve got it all wrong. It isn’t Geek & Sundry vs. Nerdist. It’s Geek & Sundry and Nerdist vs. Lame Boring McMedia.” Then I tell them that they are a stupidhead before I put on my cowboy hat and hop into my Camaro, flipping them the bird while I drive away.

Anyway, go listen to these guys, and get inspired to do awesome things.


*PRO TIP: One of the keys to a healthy and joyful relationship is helping each other carry the burden of just existing together without ever being asked by the other.

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  1. Then I tell them that they are a stupidhead before I put on my cowboy hat and hop into my Camaro, flipping them the bird while I drive away.

    “Who the devil was that, Number One?”
    “That was Sparks McGee, sir.”

    1. Nope. That was Wil Wheaton, Sparks McGee’s cooler cousin. You can tell because Sparks drives a Trans-Am. 😉 (To clarify, just in case, because there’s no font for this: I’m not being a car pedant, but merely saying that even Sparks can’t hold a candle to Wil. *grin* Also, congrats on this comment, and first at that. I was going to say the very same thing. Well done, sir. You win today.)

      Also, Wil. So much yes on alternate media and that pro tip. My hubby is (generally) the best at helping. And that’s part of why I love him. :)

  2. I will check them out!! I’ve recently started listening to Podcasts so it’s nice to have a recommendation!!!

    BTW… LOVE the “*”… AMEN!!!!!

  3. Wil,

    Not sure if this is something you’ve tried or if there’s something that you know just wouldn’t make it work, but has Anne tried Claritin D or Alavert (with pseudoephedrine so you have to act like a criminal and show ID and the like when grabbing it from behind the counter at the pharmacy…not talking about the on-the-shelf stuff) with Advil? I get these ridiculous headaches (a friend who gets migraines said my description of how it feels sounds a lot like migraines). I’d struggled with them for a while before I realized the pseudoephedrine the FDA started regulating because there’s no way a meth maker can possibly get around limitations on the sale of pseudoephedrine…nope…no way…that pseudoephedrine was the reason Tylenol allergy used to work and stopped. It’s why alavert and claritin work now. I take that with advil (reduces inflammation as long as you’re not ODing on it or sensitive to it) and it brings that pain down substantially. That plus rest and I’m usually functional in an hour and fully recovered after a night’s rest. If Anne hasn’t tried it, I would try it ASAP. It can take anywhere between 30-60 minutes to kick in and if it’s particularly bad, it won’t cure it completely (she’ll feel sensitive still) but the majority of the pain–that pain that makes you dizzy and want to throw up, that vice grip on the crown of the skull that makes you curl up into a fetal position…THAT pain–will go away.

    Hope she feels better soon…I don’t envy that. I started getting them sometimes due to allergies but mostly due to stress (my jaw muscles just tighten like a Dr. Who fan’s grip on their sonic screwdriver as they await the new Doctor to be announced). The pressure from that would make sweet love with my skull and irritate my sinuses which are already sensitive to the animals we have in this house (long story–short version: I love animals but am terribly allergic…I said screw it, I love animal too much. :) ). Bam, the headache to end a good day (sometimes two when it’s really bad).

  4. Your pro tip is SO REAL and a lot of people do not get that. Also, there’s no shame in being bad at gender role tasks. My husband does not want me to do the dishes. He says I can’t load the dishwasher properly. He is correct! I am happy to let him do it and he is happy that I do not try to do them.

    Also I can’t put groceries away in the refrigerator. It is like a game of Tetris and I always lose. I end up doing a little flail and I step away while my husband laughs and puts things where they go. :)

  5. I love your Pro Tip. When you really consider the mundane in a relationship, it means you really care about the other person. You aren’t putting yourself first. Which is really how it should be. I’m so happy you found each other.

  6. I stumbled on to The Nerdist network about a year ago. I have a fairly long commute and so I listen to a lot of podcasts. I especially love The Nerdist. Chris is awesome. He is just such a nice guy that genuinely wants people to have a good time and enjoy themselves. It shows in the quality of his work and the affection his friends and fans have for him. What he’s built over there is phenomenal and he has become a driving influence.

    I have caught quite a bit of programming from Geek & Sundry. You guys are my heroes. It is so cool to see people you grew up seeing on TV being friends IRL and having fun doing things they love. As a fan it means a lot to see that because it means you keep giving more to us and we keep getting entertained in new and fun ways.

    Table Top rocks Wil! Awesome concept!

    See you in Chicago next weekend :-)

  7. I love the hostful episodes too. It would be pretty rad if you could join in to some *hint, hint*

    twice this month I came home from being away for a few days, and my husband says, “it’s your turn to do the dishes”, I replied, “but I haven’t been home for 3 days.” his response, “and that’s why it’s your turn”…

    yes, seriously. The second time, I even had the kids away with me..

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