the _PYRAMID_ made me do this

I found a weird bit of video on the Internets, extracted the audio, and I made it a little bit weirder in Audacity. I hope you enjoy it, and if you want to do anything with it, it’s yours under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 3.0

12 thoughts on “the _PYRAMID_ made me do this”

  1. Isn’t ripping audio and then changing it a little a bit, like releasing a digital camera recording of a movie shown in the theatre? Is making a Creative Commons license of something like that approaching illegality, if not entirely?

  2. I could have used this when my student drama group was doing Terry Pratchett’s Mort. The script required “a magical threatening noise”, so this would have fit perfectly!

  3. Time stretch can be so much fun… inspired by the video art piece “24 Hour Psycho”, which slowed Alfred Hitchcock’s film to fill 24 hours, a few years back I took a track from Stop Making Sense and made “24 Hour Psycho Killer”. Qu’est que c’est.

    Because that was a bit much, next I turned to slowing down movie trailers…

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