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Miss Nelson is Missing!

I was drivingparked on the 405 yesterday afternoon, taking 90 minutes to go 18 miles, because it would just ruin Los Angeles if we had useful and efficient public transportation. My brain wandered a little bit (to preserve my sanity, I presume,) and this book sprung into my mind.

I hadn’t thought about it in at least 20 years (probably closer to 30), but I could remember everything about it in an instant.

I loved Miss Nelson Is Missing when I was a kid, and I just wanted to share the nostalgiabomb with those of you who loved it, too.

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  1. Awesome! My son loved that book (and I loved reading it to him).

    I don’t recall that book from my youth – I didn’t realize it had been around as long as we have.

    Thanks for the reminder about it – it brought a smile to my face.

  2. Huh, I’d forgotten about that book! I don’t remember actually reading it (I know I never owned it, although I might have gotten it out of the school library) but I’m like… 97% sure I remember seeing it on an episode of Reading Rainbow when I was a kid.

  3. I was reading a different book to my 8 year old daughter a few months ago about some kids that thought their teacher was a witch. In the middle of it, I stopped and told her about this book. She thought it sounded good. Then I went back to reading her book and a couple of pages later, the book actually mentioned this one by name. It was awesome. Every elementary school kid should know this book.

  4. I loved this whole group of books when I was a wee one in the 80’s, and bought them for my boys a few years back when they were offered in the bookclub order forms from school! Love them!

  5. I LOVED the “Miss Nelson” books as a kid. Especially this one, because Viola Swamp was AWESOME. Thanks for jogging my brain and bringing back some awesome memories from my childhood, Wil. I needed that.

  6. Oh man! I had completely forgotten about Miss Nelson until I saw the picture on Facebook today… Thank you for that! It was one of my favorite books too… Now, I will go on a mission to retrieve my copy from my parents’ house while I am visiting over Thanksgiving! Cheers!

  7. The teacher I had for first grade would read this book to her class just before Halloween every year. On the day of the school Halloween party, Mrs. Smith would be replaced by Miss Viola Swamp, complete with a costume that was nearly identical to the outfit in the book. It was a lot of fun for all the students (although a bit scary at first).

  8. In a weird bit of synchronicity, when I walked out of my bedroom door this morning there was a haphazard pile of our old children’s books in front of my door that my sister and my niece must have dug up. “Miss Nelson Is Missing!” was one of them. I probably hadn’t thought of that book in at least 20 or 30 years either until this morning.

  9. I DO remember that book! When I saw the cover, I had a vague sense of recollection, but what really reminded me was the description of the storyline in your handy dandy link. I definitely remember Miss Viola Swamp! Makes me want to behave myself just thinking about it!

  10. Err… speaking of behaving myself, I should have said, “thank you, Wil, for reminding me!”

    Also, I love the Tabletop Supper on your banner. Many kudos to the artist!

  11. To the Reading Rainbow crowd, allow me to point out the delicious irony that Wesley Crusher just reminded you about a book that Geordi LaForge introduced you to 30 years earlier (before either character existed).

    I’m not sure, but I think we may have just proven the existence of time travel…

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