Wil Wheaton vs. Paul and Storm 2013 Tour Funtimes

So how about that Breaking  Bad finale? As I said to Twitter: That right there is how you end a series.

Anne and I are going to go back and rewatch the entire series, and since there isn’t much new on television that we care to watch, I’m finally going to get her to watch The Wire, Mad Men, and The Shield.

In non-television news, I’m heading out on the road next week to do some shows with Paul and Storm!

We love hanging out with Wil Wheaton. We love performing with him, too. So over the past couple months, we’ve slowly, methodically tricked him into doing a series of shows with us in October. And he FELL FOR IT! WHATTA DOPE!

So folks in the US Northeast and in Texas will now have the chance to see the three of us on stage, singing and reading and performing what will surely be EPIC-LENGTH versions of “The Captain’s Wife’s Lament” at the following live shows:

Thu 10/3:  The Birchmere – Alexandria, VA – tix: http://bit.ly/WilPSAlex
Fri 10/4:  World Cafe Live – Philadelphia, PA – tix: http://bit.ly/WilPSPhilly
Sat 10/5:  SubCulture New York – New York, NY – tix: http://bit.ly/WilPSNYC
Sun 10/6:  Hard Rock Cafe – Boston, MA – tix: http://bit.ly/WilPSBoston

Thu 10/17:  Central Presbyterian Church – Austin, TX – tix: http://bit.ly/WilPSAustin
Fri 10/18:  Fitzgerald’s – Houston, TX – tix: http://bit.ly/WilPSHouston
Sun 10/20:  Granada Theater – Dallas, TX – tix: http://bit.ly/WilPSDallas

Tickets for many of these shows are already going fast. So don’t wait if you wanna get in on the fun.

I’m not exactly sure why we’re doing a show in a church, but I’m very much looking forward to finding out if I burst into flames on the stage or not.

16 thoughts on “Wil Wheaton vs. Paul and Storm 2013 Tour Funtimes”

  1. I will be there at the church to watch you go down in flames! Wait a sec, that’s not right. I will watch you become a big ball of fire! No, that’s not it. I will see you burn in a ring of fire! Nah, that’s only if you eat the jalapenos first. Dang it, just put on a good show and who cares what happens!

  2. Eh, you should skip NY and go to the Kennett Brewfest with us on Saturday (or just go the VIP session and THEN go to NY). Pretty sure you could still get in. I’m pretty psyched as I’ll be pouring for Stone! I hear they make a good beer or two. 😛

    See ya Friday night in Philly!

  3. Central Presbyterian Church in Austin is a really neat place. In the middle of the Bible Belt, they are a congregation whose tag line is “Deliberately Diverse. Fully Inclusive.” Presbyterian policy still doesn’t allow them to perform same gender weddings, so they perform “Holy Unions.” Their website starts with a pseudo-ironic hipster reference to South by Southwest.

    No one will burst into flames there. That doesn’t mean there won’t be any flaming going on.

  4. Western Mass will be in near peak for foliage when you guys are here. Head out “west” as I say, and take in the view. Peak for the UMass Amherst area is around Columbus day weekend. North and west peak sooner. Colors are gorgeous this year already, and the weather has been wicked good. It’s New England after all and the weather can’t be good forever, but I hope it’s still nice when you come out :)

  5. Greatly looking forward to seeing you all on Thursday in Virginia! I’m bringing my son and my husband and all three of us can’t wait to see the show!

  6. We’ll be there at the Church in Austin. As I promised Paul and Storm, I’ll once again be bringing them cookies. Also, don’t tell them, but I found the most awesome pair of panties to throw at them. :)

  7. The church thing? Because Austin. :)

    Though if you did burst into flames, I’d put you out if I could. But alas, I’ll be at the Dallas show.

    I’m running my very first triathlon that morning (and raising money for Doctors without Borders – almost to my goal and so excited!), so I might be a little tired and sore, but I’ll be there with bells on! (Or at least a duct tape cowboy hat!)

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