Gallery: Marlowe plays with the rope

This is pretty much how it goes whenever I try to play fetch with Marlowe.

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7 thoughts on “Gallery: Marlowe plays with the rope”

  1. This is pretty much exactly the way it goes when I try to play ball with my rescue Poodle, Pixie. She loves to chase the ball but hasn’t quite grasped the concept of bringing it back. She always runs to the same spot with it no matter where I’m standing so I’ve started standing in that spot. :)

  2. Love that the video mimics dogs in real life – an endless loop of the same reactions to the same actions. Because IT’S FUN!!! :) Happy Man’s Best Friend makes Happy Wo/Man. Go play with a dog today. :)

  3. Everyone needs to look at that face and tell me that Pit Bulls and Pit Bull mixes are dangerous!! She makes me sad that I can’t have dogs where I live because I miss having big, goofy, happy puppies running in my yard.

  4. OMG, she looks like Young Simba from The Lion King from his pouncing lessons in that first shot.

    Too cute!!

  5. I love Marlowe. She was in a dream I had last week (and so were you and Anne!) My husband and I came to visit you guys because we were friends. I got to play with Marlowe, and she was just as sweet as she looks in her pictures and videos. And then I had to use the bathroom, and you had a bunch of weird drops in there on the counter that appeared to be like eye drops for your brain (??). (But the scents they came in were neat – like freesia and waterflower – because apparently that matters for brain-drops). I’ve never had a dream like that before, where I was friends with someone I admire in real life. :-)

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