Marlowe and Riley say OH HAI GUIZE

Seamus went to daycare today, so he could play with dogs his own age (he loves to play with Marlowe, but she’s got that puppy energy and it can be a little exhausting for him).

While he was gone, Marlowe spent most of the day looking at the front door, waiting for him to come home … except for a few moments when I was able to take this picture of her:

Marlowe Wheaton
Do you know where Seamus is?

And, because she was just a few feet away, here’s Riley:

I'm a dog!
I’m a dog!

I’d add a picture of Seamus, who is home now, but he’s so exhausted from playing all day, he’s just a blob on the couch, and I wouldn’t dream of disturbing his beauty sleep.


14 thoughts on “Marlowe and Riley say OH HAI GUIZE”

  1. Did Marlowe and Riley excited sniff Seamus when he came home as if they were trying to figure out where he’s been. Our dogs do that to each other every time we take one of them somewhere. Even if it’s just out on the porch to get the mail.

  2. Riley reminds me so much of my big dumb dog with that “I’m a dog look.” Glad the Prozac is working. I told Anne when she asked about it that we had to put our last dog on Prozac after the basement floor he was standing on got struck by lightning and he started chewing on himself and shaking whenever he heard loud noises after that. It helped him so much.

  3. Glad Riley is doing better! My cat has been on Prozac for about three years and it definitely keeps her from trying to kill us. She’s a little upset about not being the only kitty anymore…

  4. Awesome doggie pics. My newest likes to sleep in the clothes basket in my bedroom – very cute, she barely fits.

    How’s the homebrewing going? I miss your brewing posts. I still keep 5 beers on tap and have been really getting into meads in the last two years and I won three awards at Texas Meadfest last weekend.

  5. What is Seamus mixed with? Looks terrier-esque, and half bully?
    I have a rat terrier at home who has chronic anxiety, compounded by neglect/abuse prior to my rescue. He used to panic-pee if somebody dropped a spoon. I’ve had him on Valerian root and Rhodiola, and he’s great. Now he also gets an MSM supplement because he just turned 8. I had to understand that terriers will ALWAYS be high-strung (LOL to say the least!), but the anxiety and stress can be treated, with Happy Dog as a result. 😉

    My pit bull Floyd has a huge crush on Marlowe. He wants a play date should you ever bring her to New Orleans. lolol

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