Not sure why I’m all-caps serious in the title, but it probably has something to do with not getting enough sleep last night, driving through fuckingawfulawfulawful traffic to get to work and back today (I’m in an audiobook version of a graphic novel that will come out in December and we finished it today), and the realization that it’s almost Halloween and I haven’t put up a single scary decoration, not even a list of what chicken nuggets are actually made of.

But I digress: Anne and I are coming to Texas for some shows this week with Paul and Storm. Information follows:

Thu 10/17:  Central Presbyterian Church – Austin, TX – tix: http://bit.ly/WilPSAustin
Fri 10/18:  Fitzgerald’s – Houston, TX – tix: http://bit.ly/WilPSHouston
Sun 10/20:  Granada Theater – Dallas, TX – tix: http://bit.ly/WilPSDallas

And now here’s the sound a cow makes:


Okay, now that I’ve taken care of that business, I can go pick out and pack clothes for our trip.

19 thoughts on “TEXAS HERE WE COME”

  1. Since you will be in Houston on the 18th, you might be interested in the 30th Annual Dixie Cup Beer Competition Oct 17-19: http://dixiecup.foamrangers.com/

    Unfortunately, you missed the 2nd Annual Texas Mead Fest which was 9/28 in Seguin. It was great fun, I drank a LOT of good meads, and won three awards for my entries.

  2. Just hit my fundraising goal for my first triathlon, and then I’m reminded of the fact that I get to see not only my BFF but Wil Wheaton vs Paul and Storm that night! Woo-hoo!

    I’ll be the exhausted one in the accidentally purchased less-than-optimal-but-who-gives-a-crap-I’m here seats!

  3. Hey Wil. I just wanted to thank you so much for your work on Tabletop. I know you have likely heard this story before, but except for a few half hearted attempts at “Kill Dr. Lucky”, my husband and I had not played board games for about 15+ years. We recently got into board games when on your recommendation from your show we invested in a core set of Small World and a few expansions as well as Star Fluxx and Resistance.

    The problem that we often have is that we don’t have many friends that we can invite over. Most of his friends that would game are in Germany (They do a Star Trek role playing over Skype. My husband plays a disembodied character. A whole different story.) so I was really psyched when in your video of games you won’t cover on Tabletop, you included some two player games. Battlelore caught my eye, but being out of print and only seeing some expensive core versions on eBay decided to wait.

    Fast forward two weeks later and my husband comes and drags me to a local yard sale. We look around and other than a piece of luggage do not see much. My husband had on a T-shirt called “savings throw” that I bought for him from an online retailer (http://teecraze.com/saving-throw-t-shirt/) and the guy having the tag sale says, “I have a board game over here…” He had mentioned it to my husband, but my husband didn’t know it and had passed when he stopped earlier. I walked around the corner and there on the ground next to some other stuff was a near mint copy of BATTLELORE!! My jaw just hit dropped and I said, “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!” My husband asked, “Do you know this game?” I said, “YEAH! I was just looking on eBay a few weeks ago for this! Wil Wheaton loves this game and I wanted to get it!” We got it for $10!

    Fast forward now a few months after having played a few times with my husband, he has gone Battlelore nuts. We have every expansion and 3 core sets and possibly looking at BL2 when it comes out. We’re going to resell some of the duplicate stuff. We really love the game. Thank you so much for your show and coving some two player stuff! I just wanted to share this story. I have pictures of my husband “nerding” over the miniatures in Battlelore as he was sorting them and planning on how to paint them. LOL.

  4. Yes, yes – the cow goes MOOOOOOOOOO.

    But what does the fox say?

    (NOTE: I hate myself for typing that, but I just couldn’t resist. If it’s stuck in my brain, then it’s only fair I drag everyone else down with me…)

  5. Since you have a day off before the Dallas show, you might want to check out the State Fair of Texas, which is at Fair Park in Dallas. More exhibits, rides, shows, and fried foods than you can shake a Stetson at. I am still going to try to come to the Dallas show after I get back from my trip that day. Hope to see you there!

  6. Thanks for a great show in Austin last night, and for being so awesome! My kids haven’t stopped talking about how much they loved the show, and my youngest is walking on air because he met one of his idols last night.

  7. Thank you and Anne SO MUCH for including Dallas in the tour. You were Fabulous.

    And I so wished that I had some old granny panties to toss up at Paul and Storm.

    $1 Panties is my Jerry Jeff Walker cover band. Look it up Kids!

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