What’s your favorite Halloween or Horror Tabletop Game?

Today, we’re shooting a Very Special Episode of Not The Flog, where I’m going to share some of my favorite horror-themed tabletop games. I have a pretty big list in my head, but I’m sure there’s something awesome that I’m forgetting, so if you wanted to maybe get onto Not The Flog, tell me the title of the game you love, why you love it, and what your favorite Halloween candy is. I’ll pick some and put them into the show, which is coming out sooooooon.



70 thoughts on “What’s your favorite Halloween or Horror Tabletop Game?”

  1. I miss HorrorClix. Having the monsters eat victims, worrying about plot twist cards, it made it fun to see the monsters charge forward.
    While I miss Worlds of Darkness for the real story it would take hours for a story to be told sometimes people with shorter attention spans just could not bear the depth of play.
    Call of Cthullu was fun for the scenarios that people came up with like Sopranos at Arkham or ER gets spooky!
    Still I miss HorrorClix for the fun with the figures as where else would you have Freddy Krueger go against Aliens?

  2. Well, ok, I’m a little late…

    But you didn’t mention some of the games i love, so….

    Ghost Stories : Cooperative game where you play a asian monk (?) to fight ghosts… And you often loose the game 😉

    And of course, all things Cthuluh related…

    For a GREAT Halloween Tabletop RPG : Little Fears by Jason L Blair.
    It’s said to be the game of childhood terror… and if you have a good GM, it actually is !
    Playing kids (yep !) that can actually interract with the world in the closet (Closetland)… Where monsters live (Boogeyman, Queen Titania, living dolls, ghosts, goblins and redcaps… you name it!)
    Play that in the dark with candles, and some candies from trick or treating, and you have a rad game night !

    And my list wouldn’t be complete without actually talking about : The Shadows of Esteren….. Again, a tabletop RPG…. and a GREAT ONE.
    A french one as well…. They developped a system, a world, music, a way to play it that is actually quite extraordinary.
    Horrifying low fantasy , medieval world… Inspired by old horror movies, Tim Burton ambiance and a little history as well…. Check it out, you won’t regret it 😉

    A happy Samhain from Belgium ! (or All Saints day, as we are the 1st of November here 😉

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