Last night Paul and Storm and I did our first show of the first half of our WIL WHEATON VS. PAUL AND STORM SUPER MEGA TOUR 2013 in Virginia, at a great theatre called The Birchmere.

The house was completely sold out, and I’m pretty sure the audience had a good time. I know that we did.

Paul and Storm played some new songs that just killed, and I did a short stand up set, followed by some storytelling with musical accompaniment from them.

The audience was just wonderful, and stayed up very late for us. Everyone made me feel welcome and at ease, and it was a fantastic way to kick off a few days of shows.

But the very best moment of the night, the most entertaining and pants shittingly funny moment, happened after the show was over and we were just about to leave. I was cleaning up the green room, and when I was about to toss some old chicken wings into the trash … this happened:

If you can’t see the embed, you can probably see the silly video we made right here.

Tonight, we’re in Philadelphia, and then New York on Saturday. We finish up in Boston on Sunday.

10 thoughts on “WIL WHEATON VS. PAUL AND STORM SUPER MEGA TOUR 2013: Day One.”

  1. Cracking up heartily at my desk. Not shitting my pants, though – that happened about an hour ago in its proper place, but I would if I could.
    Safe travels, guys.

  2. You killed your stand up…I honestly was crying from laughing so hard (especially the skunk story). It was great yoiu visited and VA would love to have you back :-)

  3. I had a fantastic time at the show. Loved the red pepper flakes story! A little disappointed that y’all didn’t do autographs after, but I appreciate that you were tired from travelling. Thanks to you and Paul & Storm for sharing the night with us!

  4. I hope there will be a return visit to D.C. or Baltimore…couldn’t make it there this time but with a little more notice I would love to see you at a show.

  5. Ditched my husband to go since he had to work, it was well worth it. I was already a superfan of yours but you now have me addicted to Paul and Storm as well. Win all around!

    (and this has really been bothering me, during The Captain’s Wife’s Lament there was an offhanded comment questioning why there are so many stories about old wizards and young boys and i wanted to shout “that’s an arrrrrrchetype” but I’m a coward. So I shall comment with it instead. Thanks!)

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