Another relic from Wilhouse 13

About a year ago, I cleaned out my garage. I came across dozens of artifacts of a life spent in the television and film industry, as well as clear evidence of my love for nerdy things going back to my earliest years on planet Earth.

I posted pictures of that stuff on Twitter, and I’ve been meaning to collect them all here ever since, but … reasons.

Today, though, I am back in the garage getting everything out of it so I can have it converted into a clubhouse for playing tabletop games, Rock Band, and poker. I’m also putting my homebrewery in there, guaranteeing that it will be the most awesome thing, ever.

I’m almost done. I have probably two more hours of work, so I’ve been peeking into some of the boxes as I move them out onto my patio. This picture was in a box that’s filled with similar memories:


I love that I found this. I have a lot of great memories from working on Toy Soldiers, and the people you see in this picture (and our awesome director, Dan Pietrie, Jr.), are the reason.

23 thoughts on “Another relic from Wilhouse 13”

  1. My friends and I snuck out of school to go see this movie. And then I had to sneak back into school so my mom could pick me up. Good times!

  2. Wil, There are a bunch of fantastic breweries not far from the Miller School. If you ever come back to visit, let me know and I’ll give you the Central VA Beer tour.

  3. I don’t do twitter, but would love to see the “garage find” photos from your TV and film career. Is there a way to put them up on here.

  4. Sweet. I am not a Star Trek fan of any version (not my thing) but, it’s ok, the husband is – I’m nerd adjacent. I did see and liked Stand By Me, as any human would… but I gotta admit I loved this movie and watched the shit out of it as a teenager. OH YEAH.

    Fun fact: The other day out of nowhere, husband chilling on the couch watching tv said, “Ka Plah!” and I said… is that Klingon? He said yes. I replied, I want to punch myself a little bit for knowing that. (I’m sure I spelled it wrong, I know.)

  5. I saw this film long before watching any TNG, and I’m astounded to now learn that Wil had such a big part in it!

    It was an old favourite anyway, but now it’s definitely going on my “watch this again soon” list!

  6. In my old age, I have found that it’s WHO you do things with that make the experience fun and memorable, not WHAT you do

  7. Love the Warehouse 13 reference – I really enjoyed that show. Your garage/clubhouse is going to be fantabulous! More great memories with wonderful friends!

  8. Thanks for sharing that. I LOVE this movie. I was a few years younger than you guys and always wanted to get older and have my high school taken over by terrorists.

  9. Is it terrible that I read the words “Toy Soldiers” and thought of the 1998 movie “Small Soldiers”? My brain rightly corrected itself and said “Joey Trotta and Billy Tepper. Stay on Target”.

  10. I loved that movie! I also like the Converse Hi-Tops your sporting, there. I always wanted a pair but my parents never gave in.

  11. Toy Soldiers was as vastly underrated as you have been for your entire career, Wil.
    Thanks for the share.
    I must say, you’re only half as evil as Sheldon once claimed.

  12. Toy Soldiers will forever be known as the movie my mother turned off and wouldn’t let me finish watching bc of the scene where the boys call a phone sex line. I also initially only wanted to watch it bc Wil Wheaton was in it, after that I wanted to watch specifically bc MOM didn’t want me to see it. :)

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