on the benefits of being easily amused

So this happened.



It’s important to be easily amused, kids, because then you are easily amused.

10 thoughts on “on the benefits of being easily amused”

  1. Being easily amused is the best thing.

    So sayeth the reverend in Hot Fuzz. Oh. Wait. No. That was, “Oh, fuck off, grasshopper!” :)

  2. My sister and I put it thusly: They who are easily amused are always amused.

    We came up with it after we realized that we were more interested in the different squeaks our shoes where making on the fancy parquet floors in the fancy European museum than the actual important Museum stuff. Until we found something new by which to be amused.

  3. Terrifying to see Talented people banter, which only serves to shine a spotlight on my own A-league banter abilities.

    Like watching Gretsky pass in traffic – you think, “Oh, now that he’s done it I totally see it. It’s obvious in retrospect…Nah, there is no way I would ever have seen that.”

    I guess that’s why millions watch you guys and I am relegated to amusing my friends and relations

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