34 thoughts on “Suck it, Haters.”

    1. I still love this show…k so I love all star trek shows except for the one simply entitled Enterprise…something was taken away with that one more of a soap opera than a show…anyways congrats on the reward…I so had to buy season 5 of the show for sentimental reasons…Gene was an amazing man with a great vision…may he rest in peace….I dedicated a page on my Facebook in honor of him and his vision

  1. Awesome !
    I watched TNG with my father since I was 10 years old, now I’m 21 and still love it and watch the episodes.

  2. Dude, you deserve more awards than that. You are an awesome actor and a really nice guy. To Hell with the haters!

  3. See, the cool thing is that I always knew you played Crusher, but that was a vague thing for me. I “met” Wil Wheaton through “Just a Geek,” which is to this day, one of my favorite non-fiction books.

    I want to see you get awards for the work you did on that book.

  4. Congrats! You deserved it , I guess. But you got to hug Gates McFadden, and that should be enough of an award for anyone! Plus you made some great friends like Sir Pat. I think the people and the memories are worth more than any award could be. I hope you still talk to them once in a while! And I hope you supported Levar Burton’s efforts to take over jeopardy once Alex resigns.

  5. you will always be too old for me… but you were super hot as Wesley Crusher… and you’re just plain hot now… the snark and wit is just an added bonus. Kudos my good man… Kudos.

  6. we are passing The Next Generation along to the next generation… our children are watching the episodes along with us this time, and are starting to really enjoy it. it helps that Wesley Crusher is aboard… my boys are 9 and 7, and love seeing a teenager as part of the crew. so glad to see you have an official award! :)

  7. Oh if it only said “in Starfleet” then you could have said “That’s right Starfleet, I am in you”

  8. I have a plaque too, Wil, but you don’t see me using it to crush the world’s collective spirit into paste, do you?
    That having been said, well played, you nerdy bastard.

  9. Geek confession time: I never hated Wesley Crusher and after reading “Just a Geek” I’m glad I didn’t.

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