47 thoughts on “this is how I’m spending the next week”

  1. That same ring was my engagement ring. My (now) wife wanted to make my wedding ring a Green Lantern ring but apparently due to the intellectual property the rings are bloody expensive so I just have a regular band now. Nerd love.

      1. That would be cool. Green Lantern for me and Star Sapphire for her. We’re our own worst and best enemy. πŸ˜›

  2. Excellent. Love to see you on Leverage again as well. And kudos on the ring! Need to find one for my nephew…

  3. That’s awesome. By the end of next week, I’ll be in a hospital having humans cut out of my body. Sounds super weird.
    Fun Fact! On the way to work every (other) day, I drive down Sheldon Center Road, and yes, it crosses an Amy Lane. I wonder who lives at the corner of Amy and Sheldon?

  4. Muthafukin awesome! The way that the show has been going recently (turning into a character-driven drama, more than a traditional sit-com) I didn’t think they would have you back. I’m glad to have been wrong about this. SUPERHAPPYFUNTIMES!

  5. Nice! Seems a bit late to get your episode in before the end of November sweeps, so I presume this one won’t air until after the holidays?

    Let’s see, when last we met Wil Wheaton, he was having fun with flags and inadvertently offended Amy, right?

    In this episode, Sheldon learns of a mint in box Wesley Crusher action figure collecting dust at a comic book shop just outside of Pasadena. He, Leonard, Raj, and Howard are joined by Wil as they trek (pun intended) to “that other comic book shop”. The car breaks down and they’re forced to walk the rest of the way, following railroad tracks (because Sheldon always wanted to do that). They work together as a team while each of them comes into a crisis that threatens a specific phobia, in a sweet yet meaningful coming of age story. In the end, a bully has arrived at “that other comic book shop” at the same time as they do to claim the Wesley Crusher action figure. The friends band together and stand up for themselves for the first time ever, forcing the bully to back off and let Sheldon buy the action figure, which Wil signs for him.

    Wait, that sounds somewhat familiar…

  6. Awesome!!!! I can’t wait to see it!

    (And on another note, I am finally in season 4 of Eureka and am LOVING your interactions with Felicia and Neil! I wish it hadn’t taken me so long so get watching this show! I absolutely LOVE it! I wish it hadn’t ended!)

  7. Boy that character “Himself” gets a lot of different actors to play him. I don’t know how they expect the audience to tolerate such discontinuity! πŸ˜‰

  8. AWESOME!!! I love the episodes that you’re in, especially the one with Brent Spiner (he’s another one of my favorites, and that episode is really funny!) and the Fun with Flags episode!

    Loving the ring, by the way!

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